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    MDL-42078 multiple uninstall improvements and cleanup · e87214bd
    Petr Škoda authored
    * update checker refactored to \core\update\ namespace
    * plugininfo classes refactored to \core\plugininfo\ namespace
    * plugin_manager renamed to core_plugin_manager
    * redirect back to original page after plugin uninstall
    * fixed assign subplugin uninstall
    * move assign subplugins under the assignment in admin tree
    * fixed plugininfo for all question related plugin types
    * auth uninstall support
    * added missing block dependencies
    * added theme uninstall
    * subplugin types are following the plugin on plugin overview page
    * several performance improvements in plugin manager
    * new warnigns when plugininfo are outdated or missing
    * multiple fixes and other improvements