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    MDL-43089 quiz: improved interface for building quizzes · e1a2d0d9
    Colin Chambers authored
    This commit is actually the joint work of Mahmoud Kassaei, Colin
    Chambers and Tim Hunt from The Open University. We could only use one
    persons name for the commit, and this time Colin gets the credit/blame.
    The goal of this work was to increase usability, and also clean up
    the page enough that it will be possible to add new features in future.
    Display of mod/quiz/edit.php is now entirely generated by
    mod_quiz\output\edit_renderer. This uses a helper class
    mod_quiz\structure to provide details of the structure of the quiz, and
    mod_quiz\repaginate to alter that structure. (Acutally, there are still
    some modification methods on mod_quiz\structure. Expect that to be
    cleaned up in future.)
    The new code uses much more ajax, and there are new scripts
    mod/quiz/edit_rest.php and mod/quiz/repaginate.php to handle this.
    (Again, don't be surprised if those two scripts get merged in future.)
    Also questionbank.ajax.php (which may, in future, be made more generic,
    and moved into the core question bank code.)
    Most of the new JavaScript code has intentionally copied the way things
    are done when editing activities on the course page.
    As a result of this, mod/quiz/editlib.php is now much shorter than it
    was. (In future, expect the remaining code in here to move into