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    MDL-70815 core_completion: Update completion_info · 32721b35
    jun authored
    * Update completion_info::get_data() to add other completion
    information from a new method called get_other_cm_completion_data().
    This allows the storage of the completion statuses of the following
    completion rules to completion_info objects:
      - 'Students must receive a grade' completion rule.
      - Any custom completion rule defined by an activity.
    This allows detailed completion information to be fetched for course
    It also allows custom completion statuses to be cached which will help
    reduce DB queries when fetching completion statuses.
    * Update update_state() to fetch overall completion state from the
    module's activity_custom_completion implementation. Falls back to the
    *_get_completion_state() callback function.
    * Update internal_set_data() to include the other cm completion data
    in the updated cache data for the module instance.