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    MDL-49329 admin: Keep reference to plugin manager in plugininfo objects · 2d488c8f
    David Mudrák authored
    Plugin info objects are owned by the plugin manager (composition
    pattern). Even if the plugin manager is a singleton, we need to keep
    explicit reference to the plugin manager that owns the plugin info so
    that we can mock up things in unit tests.
    Therefore this patch introduces a new property of plugin info objects
    that holds the reference to the instance of the plugin manager that made
    (and hence owns) the given info instance.
    The only trouble here is with static methods of plugin info classes such
    as \core\plugininfo\base::get_enabled_plugins(). In these cases, the
    code keeps using the core_plugin_manager singleton. The solution would
    be to pass the plugin manager instance as a parameter but that is not
    worth of change for now, IMHO.