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    MDL-9070 forum: Show timed post display period · 05f1455b
    Adam Olley authored
    This adds the following changes when viewing a list of discussions and
    forum_enabletimedposts is turned on.
    * Discussions a student wouldnt see right now are dimmed (timestart in
      future or timeend in the past).
    * A icon appears next to the discussion subject, the tooltip for this
      icon displays the display start and/or end time. This only appears for
      the user that made the discussion or has permission to
    These two changes achieve a couple of important things, namely, teachers
    will not mistakenly think their students can see a discussion when
    viewing the list if they've later forgot that they set a time limit on
    it (or indeed if someone else put it on their discussion without them
    realising). Additionally it makes it easy to see from the list when
    different discussions are set to be released without having to go in and
    edit them to find out.
    Change-Id: Ia1818b33c00adae0dad72df8e170a078fb66cd76