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    MDL-55129 mod_assign: Allow plugins to handle configs for external · 30cdddb0
    Juan Leyva authored
    Until now in the get_assignments WS all the settings for assignment
    plugins (submission and feedback) are returned, this was bad because:
    - It was returning settings for plugins that may not be enabled
    - It was returning settings that would be a security risk (a third
    party plugin including a password or credentials for connecting a
    remote site)
    - Some values was returned "raw" without further processing, for
    example, maxsubmissionsizebytes returned 0 when using the plugin
    default value instead a valid size
    - Assignment plugins implemented an API for communication with the
    external API, see for example: get_external_parameters, it didn’t make
    sense had an API for the received parameters and not the returned data.