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    • David Mudrak's avatar
      MDL-15252 Re-committing all English strings exported from AMOS · 30c8dd34
      David Mudrak authored
      From now on, all English strings use the new syntax. They are not
      eval()'ed any more and the only valid placeholders are {$a} and
      {$a->foobar}. No extra quotes escaping, dollar sign escaping and putting
      double percent signs.
      The modified files were exported from AMOS database repository in the
      new syntax and were re-ordered by stringid. Standard GNU/GPL and PHPdoc
      blocks are added. Where there was no copyright note so far, I added the
      default one with Martin Dougiamas as the copyright holder.
      Live long and prosper.
    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-21693 Dropping _utf8 suffix from language codes and folder names; enabling... · 3a915b06
      Petr Skoda authored
      MDL-21693 Dropping _utf8 suffix from language codes and folder names; enabling new string managers - please note the transition is not yet fully complete because we need to wait for git to recognize the renames in cvs
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    • poltawski's avatar
      block/rss_client: MDL-19990 Make feed discovery configurable · 28dd2513
      poltawski authored
      Simplepie will try quite aggresively to autodiscover rss feeds by
      default. Make this configurable when adding a feed and also store
      the autodiscovered location rather than the input location.
      I also removed the feed validator as this doesn't make much sense with
      feed autodiscovery, and I think we can improve simplepie integration to
      do this instead
  9. 29 Jul, 2009 1 commit
    • tjhunt's avatar
      block_rss_client: MDL-13932 Clean up a lot of the crap. · f1a34d8f
      tjhunt authored
      This was all in order to do MDL-19889!
      * The old tabbed interface is gone.
      * The manage feeds UI has been completely rewritten to be a few
      separate sane scripts like managefeeds.php, editfeed.php and viewfeed.php
      * This is used from both Admin -> plugins -> blocks ... and as a link from the block edit_form.php
      * new edit_form.php for the block replacing config_istance.php.
      * A lot of stuff to do with UI specific to this block has been removed from rsslib.php
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