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......@@ -919,6 +919,11 @@ class grade_report_grader extends grade_report {
// user.
if (!$this->canviewhidden) {
$allgradeitems = grade_item::fetch_all(array('courseid' => $this->courseid));
// But hang on - don't include ones which are set to not show the grade at all.
$allgradeitems = array_filter($allgradeitems, function($item) {
return $item->gradetype != GRADE_TYPE_NONE;
foreach ($this->users as $userid => $user) {
......@@ -230,6 +230,74 @@ class core_grade_report_graderlib_testcase extends advanced_testcase {
$this->assertEquals(count($toobigvalue['gradesonly']) - 1, count($report1->collapsed['gradesonly']));
* Tests the get_right_rows function with one 'normal' and one 'ungraded' quiz.
* Previously, with an ungraded quiz (which results in a grade item with type GRADETYPE_NONE)
* there was a bug in get_right_rows in some situations.
public function test_get_right_rows() {
global $USER, $DB;
// Create manager and student on a course.
$generator = $this->getDataGenerator();
$manager = $generator->create_user();
$student = $generator->create_user();
$course = $generator->create_course();
$generator->enrol_user($manager->id, $course->id, 'manager');
$generator->enrol_user($student->id, $course->id, 'student');
// Create a couple of quizzes on the course.
$normalquiz = $generator->create_module('quiz', array('course' => $course->id,
'name' => 'NormalQuiz'));
$ungradedquiz = $generator->create_module('quiz', array('course' => $course->id,
'name' => 'UngradedQuiz'));
// Set the grade for the second one to 0 (note, you have to do this after creating it,
// otherwise it doesn't create an ungraded grade item).
$ungradedquiz->instance = $ungradedquiz->id;
quiz_set_grade(0, $ungradedquiz);
// Set current user.
$USER->gradeediting[$course->id] = false;
// Get the report.
$report = $this->create_report($course);
$result = $report->get_right_rows(false);
// There should be 3 rows (2 header rows, plus the grades for the first user).
$this->assertCount(3, $result);
// The second row should contain 2 cells - one for the graded quiz and course total.
$this->assertCount(2, $result[1]->cells);
$this->assertContains('NormalQuiz', $result[1]->cells[0]->text);
$this->assertContains('Course total', $result[1]->cells[1]->text);
// User row should contain grade values '-'.
$this->assertCount(2, $result[2]->cells);
$this->assertContains('>-<', $result[2]->cells[0]->text);
$this->assertContains('>-<', $result[2]->cells[1]->text);
// Supposing the user cannot view hidden grades, this shouldn't make any difference (due
// to a bug, it previously did).
$context = context_course::instance($course->id);
$managerroleid = $DB->get_field('role', 'id', array('shortname' => 'manager'));
assign_capability('moodle/grade:viewhidden', CAP_PROHIBIT, $managerroleid, $context->id, true);
$this->assertFalse(has_capability('moodle/grade:viewhidden', $context));
// Recreate the report. Confirm it returns successfully still.
$report = $this->create_report($course);
$result = $report->get_right_rows(false);
$this->assertCount(3, $result);
private function create_grade_category($course) {
static $cnt = 0;
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