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MDL-21695 adding help string

parent fbbaa58e
......@@ -39,10 +39,11 @@ $string['deletefeedconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this feed?';
$string['disabledrssfeeds'] = 'RSS feeds are disabled';
$string['displaydescriptionlabel'] = 'Display each link\'s description?';
$string['editafeed'] = 'Edit a feed';
$string['editfeeds'] = 'Edit, subscribe or unsubsribe from RSS/Atom news feeds';
$string['editfeeds'] = 'Edit, subscribe or unsubscribe from RSS/Atom news feeds';
$string['editnewsfeeds'] = 'Edit news feeds';
$string['editrssblock'] = 'Edit RSS Headline Block';
$string['enableautodiscovery'] = 'Enable auto-discovery of feeds?';
$string['enableautodiscovery_help'] = 'If enabled, feeds on web pages are found automatically. For example, if is entered, then would be found.';
$string['errorloadingfeed'] = 'Error loading this RSS feed ({$a})';
$string['feed'] = 'Feed';
$string['feedadded'] = 'News feed added';
......@@ -54,7 +55,7 @@ $string['feedsconfigurenewinstance2'] = 'Click the edit icon above to configure
$string['feedstitle'] = 'Remote RSS Feeds';
$string['feedupdated'] = 'News feed updated';
$string['feedurl'] = 'Feed URL';
$string['findmorefeeds'] = 'Find more rss feeds';
$string['findmorefeeds'] = 'Find more RSS feeds';
$string['choosefeedlabel'] = 'Choose the feeds which you would like to make available in this block:';
$string['managefeeds'] = 'Manage all my feeds';
$string['nofeeds'] = 'There are no RSS feeds defined for this site.';
......@@ -69,7 +70,7 @@ $string['rss_client:manageownfeeds'] = 'Manage own RSS feeds';
$string['seeallfeeds'] = 'See all feeds';
$string['sharedfeed'] = 'Shared feed';
$string['shownumentrieslabel'] = 'Max number entries to show per block.';
$string['submitters'] = 'Who will be allowed to define new rss feeds? Defined feeds are available for any page on your site.';
$string['submitters'] = 'Who will be allowed to define new RSS feeds? Defined feeds are available for any page on your site.';
$string['submitters2'] = 'Submitters';
$string['timeout'] = 'Time in minutes before an RSS feed expires in cache. Note that this time defines the minimum time before expiry; the feed will be refreshed in cache on the next cron execution after expiry. Recommended values are 30 mins or greater.';
$string['timeoutdesc'] = 'Time in minutes for an RSS feed to live in cache.';
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