Commit 0053c77d authored by Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski
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MDL-57690 js: fix missing requirement before using M.core.dialogue

parent e0e5407e
......@@ -730,7 +730,11 @@ class page_requirements_manager {
case 'core_filepicker':
$module = array('name' => 'core_filepicker',
'fullpath' => '/repository/filepicker.js',
'requires' => array('base', 'node', 'node-event-simulate', 'json', 'async-queue', 'io-base', 'io-upload-iframe', 'io-form', 'yui2-treeview', 'panel', 'cookie', 'datatable', 'datatable-sort', 'resize-plugin', 'dd-plugin', 'escape', 'moodle-core_filepicker'),
'requires' => array(
'base', 'node', 'node-event-simulate', 'json', 'async-queue', 'io-base', 'io-upload-iframe', 'io-form',
'yui2-treeview', 'panel', 'cookie', 'datatable', 'datatable-sort', 'resize-plugin', 'dd-plugin',
'escape', 'moodle-core_filepicker', 'moodle-core-notification-dialogue'
'strings' => array(array('lastmodified', 'moodle'), array('name', 'moodle'), array('type', 'repository'), array('size', 'repository'),
array('invalidjson', 'repository'), array('error', 'moodle'), array('info', 'moodle'),
array('nofilesattached', 'repository'), array('filepicker', 'repository'), array('logout', 'repository'),
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