1. 22 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      MDL-73086 user: account for mixed casing of profile field shortname. · 9e6bbb4f
      Paul Holden authored
      Custom profile fields allow for shortnames containing mixed character
      casing, which should also be supported within the user fields API
      when retrieving said custom fields.
      Given that the DML libs convert all selected columns to lowercased
      equivalent, we need to do the same when requesting custom fields to
      ensure calling code doesn't try to access `->profile_field_Foo`
      property when the DB returns `->profile_field_foo` instead.
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    • Rajesh Taneja's avatar
      MDL-45641 event: Removed multiple user_updated event trigger · a7466eb4
      Rajesh Taneja authored
      user_updated event was being triggred while
      setting password, which is not correct. It now
      trigger user_password_updated event. Few more
      modifications done:
      1. Correct event is being triggred.
      2. Event is only triggred when password is chnaged.
      3. Password is updated via single api.
      4. Updated unit test
    • Rajesh Taneja's avatar
      MDL-45641 event: Option to trigger user event manually · 2b55cb1b
      Rajesh Taneja authored
      On some pages full user data is not stored before user_created/
      user_updated event is triggred. So giving option to trigger that
      manually, so it can be triggred after all data is saved