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      MDL-74470 quiz: put back random Q description on the Question page · 2e1a6323
      Tim Hunt authored
      This got lost in the 4.0 question bank work.
      We are trying to phase out qtype_random, that is where the old
      code and lang strings for describing random questions is, so
      OK to add back a call to it. When we get better qbank filtering
      we can replace this again.
      Note, the asserts in the Behat were copied from my 3.11, checkout,
      to really verify we are restoring the previous behaviour.
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    • Marc-Alexandre Ghaly's avatar
      MDL-73763 core : Index fixes for reference tables · c3ac868b
      Marc-Alexandre Ghaly authored
      This commit will add the index for the question_reference
      and the question_set_reference table if its not already
      added. This commit will also implement the logic of adding
      the question area and component in the joins of the question
      reference table in order to make sure any other plugin using
      the qbank api does not conflict with each other.
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    • Marc-Alexandre Ghaly's avatar
      MDL-72890 core_question : Question regrade for question versions · 3e09319e
      Marc-Alexandre Ghaly authored
      This commit implements a question regrade for the selected
      version in the quiz for a slot.
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarSafat Shahin <safatshahin@catalyst-au.net>
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarTim Hunt <tim.hunt@open.ac.uk>
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    • Tim Hunt's avatar
      MDL-74007 quiz: questions should start as 'Always latest' version · 61f11f84
      Tim Hunt authored
      Thanks to Safat Shahin <safatshahin@catalyst-au.net> for help with
      the Behat scenarios.
    • Eloy Lafuente's avatar
      MDL-73824 test: Cover all the changed code with special decsep tests · 43b4e6b3
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      Various tests have been added to cover the points fixed in the previous
      commit, using a localised decimal separator (#). Using the same
      numbering, here there are the details:
      A. grade/report/singleview/tests/behat/singleview.feature
      B. grade/tests/behat/grade_override_letter.feature
      C. (done within various scenarios)
      D. grade/report/singleview/tests/behat/singleview.feature
      E. admin/tool/behat/tests/behat_form_text_test.php
      F. grade/tests/behat/grade_to_pass.feature
      G. quiz/tests/behat/preview.feature
      H. mod/quiz/tests/behat/info_page.feature
      I. question/type/ddimageortext/tests/behat/edit.feature
    • Eloy Lafuente's avatar
      MDL-73824 gradebook: Add support for localised floats where missing · 3a016e27
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      It has been detected, thanks to php80 specially, that there are
      various places in core where support for localised floats is
      missing. Before php80, some locale-dependent conversions were
      performed by PHP, allowing things to work. But with php80 all
      those comparisons are now locale-independent. See:
      That implies that we now need to, always, unformat floats to
      be internally the correct (decimal point as separator) in
      order to compare it.
      While this was visited in the php80 epic (MDL-70745), nothing
      was found, all automated tests were passing ok. Problem is that
      we run behat tests with en-AU laguage that has the decimal point
      So, in this issue we are fixing all the problems detected by
      running those Behat tests using localised (comma) decimal
      Note that there may be other places still causing problems, but
      it's really hard to find them programmatically, so we'll have to
      wait for real use reports / issues and go fixing them while they
      Back to this commit, this is the list of changes performed (note that
      in the next commit, we'll be adding scenarios explicitly using
      a localised decimal separator to ensure that they work ok).
      A. Changes to various grade forms to ensure that, on their validation
        floats are unformatted properly. Also, changed the corresponding
        form element from current text/PARAM_RAW to proper float ones that
        take care of the conversion in a number of places (but when disabled,
        that's the reason we still have to unformat in validation.
        This includes the following forms:
          - edit_category_form
          - edit_item_form
        (this is the original problem reported that cause all the research
        to be performed against full behat runs)
      B. Changes to edit_letter_form, so it uses a proper PARAM_LOCALISEDFLOAT
        (note this is the type of change that surely should be used for all
        the rest of /grade/edit/tree form, including those in the previous
      C. Changes to the grade_item behat generator, so it's able to work with
        localised floats, un-formatting them when needed.
        At lib/behat/classes/behat_core_generator.php
      D. Fix problem passing localised floats to scales, not displaying
        properly. At grade/report/singleview/classes/local/ui/finalgrade.php
      E. Change the behat text matcher in order to allow comparison of
        localised floats when they are the current ones. Before this change
        the matches was using soft/lazy comparison, so '50' and '50.0000'
        match. Now, when the comma (for example) is used (and only then),
        '50' and '50,000' will also match. This comparison is in use in a
        bunch of tests and makes sense to make it localisation-aware.
        At grade/report/singleview/classes/local/ui/finalgrade.php
      F. Fix a couple of number_format() uses in lesson, because they are
        not localised-aware. Switched to format_float(). At mod/lesson/locallib.php
      G. Change the quiz_contains_the_following_questions() step to accept
        localised maxmark expectations. At mod/quiz/tests/behat/behat_mod_quiz.php
      H. Change the quiz generator so it accepts localised gradepass.
        At mod/quiz/tests/generator/lib.php
      I. Change the edit question form to show proper localised penalties,
        previously it was always showing point-decimal ones. Of course,
        leaving the values of the select element unmodified (internal floats).
        Related, also change a couple of tests to, instead of try to match the
        value (always internal floats), match the description (now localised),
        so we can test them with different separators. At:
          - question/type/ddimageortext/tests/behat/backup_and_restore.feature
          - question/type/ddmarker/tests/behat/backup_and_restore.feature
          - question/type/edit_question_form.php
  22. 03 Mar, 2022 2 commits
    • Eloy Lafuente's avatar
      MDL-73785 phpunit: Move more tests to use correct names and namespaces · 4003e319
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      Applied the following changes to various testcase classes:
      - Namespaced with component[\level2-API]
      - Moved to level2-API subdirectory when required.
      - Fixed incorrect use statements with leading backslash.
      - Remove file phpdoc block
      - Remove MOODLE_INTERNAL if not needed.
      - Changed code to point to global scope when needed.
      - Fix some relative paths and comments here and there.
      - All them passing individually.
      - Complete runs passing too.
      Special mention to:
      - When belonging to other components and being valid api:
        - analytics related tests have been moved to tests/analytics subdir.
        - backup & restore related tests have been moved to tests/backup subdir.
        - events related tests have been moved to tests/event subdir.
        - privacy related tests have been moved to tests/privacy.
        - task related tests have been moved to tests/task subdir.
      - Some simple renames, not including the component part anymore (not
        needed now that they a...
    • Paul Holden's avatar
      MDL-73999 quizaccess_seb: use raw getter in pre-validate method. · 506229dd
      Paul Holden authored
      Changes in 78735a72 made the persistent `get` method return property
      values consistently, according to their type and nullability.
      The rule `templateid` property is not nullable, but still has code
      that treats it as such. Fix that by retrieving the raw value.