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  5. 10 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)'s avatar
      MDL-57432 upgrade: remove unused functions/settings from upgradelib · f83d212b
      Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) authored
      All these functions were used only by deleted upgrade steps
      so it's safe to proceed with straight deletion, considering
      them internal. Deletion has been documented in corresponding
      upgrade.txt files:
      - upgrade_mimetypes()
      - upgrade_fix_missing_root_folders_draft()
      - upgrade_minmaxgrade() and upgrade_minmaxgradestepignored setting
      - upgrade_course_tags()
      - atto_equation_update_librarygroup4_setting()
      - mod_lti_upgrade_custom_separator()
      These have been kept because continue being used by restore:
      - upgrade_group_members_only()
      - upgrade_extra_credit_weightoverride()
      - upgrade_calculated_grade_items()
  6. 23 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • jun's avatar
      MDL-56564 mod_lti: External tool form fixes · 1b669ebe
      jun authored
      * Revert disabling of the Preconfigured tool field on edit mode
      * Reset LTI tool configuration fields when selecting a different
        preconfigured tool.
      * Behat fixes for UI changes.
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    • spvickers's avatar
      MDL-45843 mod_lti: introduced support to LTI 2.0 · e3f69b58
      spvickers authored
      This commit introduces support to the LTI module for LTI 2.0.
      As well as the initial commit the following changes were made
      and then squashed into the single commit for integration:
      * Fixed bug in services
        Fixed bug which limited characters allowed in values of template
        variables (e.g. vendor ID) in service endpoints.
        Changed language file to refer to tool registrations rather than
        tool proxies.
      * Refactored service classes
        Moved classes relating to services into areas where Moodle will
        autoload them
      * Ran code through code checker
        Removed all errors reported by the Code checker module
        excluding third-party OAuth.php file.
      * UI improvements
        Mainly when adding an external tool to a course - fields which
        should not be changed for a selected tool are either hidden or
        disabled. Admin settings page now shows the Tool Registration
        name against a tool rather than the launch URL, and the
        registration URL replaces the GUID on the tool r...
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