1. 11 May, 2020 5 commits
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      MDL-66109 js: Build changes for NodeJS upgrade · f879cc51
      Andrew Nicols authored
      This change includes a build to fix all minified file changes in Moodle
      as a result of upgrades to our build process.
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      MDL-66109 js: Upgrade Node dependencies · 5b4debd2
      Andrew Nicols authored
      This change updates most libraries used in our Grunt build stack and
      applies necessary changes to Grunt and Gherkin-lint configuration to
      ensure that they continue to work.
      The grunt-sass plugin has been updated to support alternative
      'implementations' of sass compilers, and the chosen sass compiler must
      now be specified in the grunt configuration. We continue to use the
      `node-sass` package for this.
      Our gherkin-lintrc included two rules which were renamed from
      'no-unamed-*' to 'no-unnamed-*'. This change occurred in version 2.0.0
      of Gherkin-lint and has no other effect.
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      MDL-66109 js: Fix circular dependency in Shifter dependency · a508dfb4
      Andrew Nicols authored
      Shifter is using an ancient and no-longer supported of Istanbul. That
      version contains a circular dependency whereby it fetches the version
      from the index that included the file in the first place.  This throws a
      warning on newer versions of Node.
      The fix here is simple and intended to be the bare minimum to remove
      these warnings anad resolve the issue.
      We have forked the istanbul project and created a v0.1.37_moodle branch
      at the root version of the Istanbul version that Shifter uses (v0.1.37
      tag). The circular dependency is then addressed and a new tag created.
      I have then forked Shifter, pointing its package.json at the tar.gz
      download of that new tag and pushed a new branch and tag for that fix.
      Following this our own package.json is updated to point to the tar.gz
      version of the new Shifter tag.
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      MDL-66109 js: Upgrade to latest stable version of NodeJS · 1591dc57
      Andrew Nicols authored
      Version 14.0.0 has just been released as stable, and will make its way
      to an LTS release which will be supported until 30th April 2023.
      At time of writing it is the "Current stable" release and will remain in
      this phase until 20th October 2020, at whciih point it will transition
      to LTS status.
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