1. 15 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      MDL-69232 behat: Simplify hooks · eec91baf
      Andrew Nicols authored
      The behat hooks were needlessly complicated which made them much harder
      to read, and understand, leading to bugs during development.
      These have been significantly simplified to favour clarity over
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      MDL-69232 behat: Make selenium start more fault tolerant · 775b9a36
      Andrew Nicols authored
      The session was previously only started once, but has now been moved to
      restart between each test. Because of this the `$session->start()` is
      now called more frequently which exposes a pre-existing issue whereby
      Selenium will periodically fail to start.
      When the session was only started at the beginning of the test, and at
      occasional other times, it made sense to always stop the test runner
      because it signified an issue with obtaining the session at all.
      Since the session is restarted more frequently, and now between every
      test, it no longer makes sense to do this. The test should only be
      _stopped_ if the first attempt to obtain the Session fails. Once a
      Session has been retrieved at least once it no longer makes sense to
      assume that the failure was a configuration failure, but a connection
      failure. Therefore subsequent tests should be attempted.
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      MDL-69086 theme_boost: Improve pendingJs checks for bootstrap · c2724bce
      Andrew Nicols authored
      Where an element, like an `alert`, is closed it is removed from the DOM
      before the event fires (this is a correct behaviour).
      This means that the final event confirming that the action happened
      (i.e. close => closed) fires, but does not bubble up the DOM to the
      This change moves the end event listener to only be added after a start
      event has been fired, and to attach directly to the HTMLElement where it
      will be fired. This means that the Event handler will still be called,
      even though it has been removed from the DOM, because it does not need
      to bubble up to the body.
  15. 18 Jun, 2020 1 commit