1. 27 Mar, 2015 4 commits
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      MDL-40992 question engine: new ways modify question usages · f6579bea
      Tim Hunt authored
      * A method to change the max mark for one question_attempt in the usage
      * A method to replace one question in a usage with another, moving the
      old question_attempt to the end.
      * Methods to set and get metadata (string name value pairs) for each
      question_attempt in the usage. This gets stored in the first step in a
      way that should not interfere with anything else.
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      MDL-6340 quiz: avoid reusing random questions between attempts · bb93fc24
      Tim Hunt authored
      There are several improvements over what we had before:
      1. We track all the questions seen in the the student's previous
      quiz attempts, so that when they start a new quiz attempt, they get
      questions they have not seen before if possible.
      2. When there are no more unseen questions, we start repeating, but
      always taking from the questions with the fewest attempts so far.
      3. A similar logic is applied with variants within one question.
      There is lots of credit to go around here. Oleg Sychev's students Alex
      Shkarupa, Sergei Bastrykin and Darya Beda all worked on this over
      several years, helping to clarify the problem and shape the best
      solution. In the end, their various attempts were rewritten into this
      final patch by me.
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