1. 20 Apr, 2017 1 commit
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  4. 10 Mar, 2017 2 commits
    • Andrew Nicols's avatar
      MDL-55528 fileconverter_unoconv: Add new unoconv plugin · 15681687
      Andrew Nicols authored
       MOV [pathtounoconv,admin],[pathtounoconv,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [pathtounoconv_help,admin],[pathtounoconv_help,fileconv_helperter_unoconv_help]
       MOV [unoconvwarning,admin],[unoconvwarning,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconv,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconv,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvempty,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvempty,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvdoesnotexist,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvdoesnotexist,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvdownload,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvdownload,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvisdir,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvisdir,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvnotestfile,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvnotestfile,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvnotexecutable,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvnotexecutable,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvok,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvok,fileconverter_unoconv]
       MOV [test_unoconvversionnotsupported,assignfeedback_editpdf],[test_unoconvversionnotsupported,fileconverter_unoconv]
      AMOS END
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  7. 04 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      MDL-38158 core_media: Convert media players to new plugin type · fab11235
      Marina Glancy authored
        MOV [siteyoutube,core_media],[pluginname,media_youtube]
        MOV [siteyoutube_desc,core_media],[pluginname_help,media_youtube]
        MOV [sitevimeo,core_media],[pluginname,media_vimeo]
        MOV [sitevimeo_desc,core_media],[pluginname_help,media_vimeo]
        MOV [html5audio,core_media],[pluginname,media_html5audio]
        MOV [html5audio_desc,core_media],[pluginname_help,media_html5audio]
        MOV [html5video,core_media],[pluginname,media_html5video]
        MOV [html5video_desc,core_media],[pluginname_help,media_html5video]
        MOV [flashanimation,core_media],[pluginname,media_swf]
        MOV [flashanimation_desc,core_media],[pluginname_help,media_swf]
      AMOS END
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    • David Monllaó's avatar
      MDL-31989 search: Search API and search engine API · db48207e
      David Monllaó authored and Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski committed
      Introducing both APIs in moodle along with:
      - search_box widget to add a tiny search box
      - admin settings with setup steps helper
      - cache for search results
      - template for a search result
      - php unit stuff
      Many thanks to Tomasz Muras, Prateek Sachan and Daniel Neis for their contributions, for starting this development
      and for pushing for it to be completed. Also thanks to other contributors: Jonathan Harker and eugeneventer.
  25. 05 Jan, 2016 1 commit
  26. 10 Oct, 2015 3 commits
    • David Mudrák's avatar
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Clean up disabling of plugins code management features · b0fc7898
      David Mudrák authored
      The admin setting updateautodeploy no longer exists. The two existing
      config.php flags $CFG->disableupdateautodeploy and
      $CFG->disableonclickaddoninstall merged into a single one.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Add ability to cancel upgrade of the plugin · c20e9ae8
      David Mudrák authored
      If there is an available archived zip with the version of the plugin
      currently installed, we can use it to cancel/abort the upgrade of the
      plugin. This is internally handled as the installation of the archived
      zip and goes through all the validation and confirmation.
      Additionally, some other parts were improved. Most notably, renderer no
      longer decides itself if some installation can be cancelled but it
      always asks the controller (plugin manager).
      The button for installation was moved to the left so there should be
      first buttons to add things, and then buttons to cancel things (which is
      common in normal forms).
  27. 09 Oct, 2015 7 commits
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Archive plugin code before removing it from dirroot · a2e1e0d0
      David Mudrák authored
      This should allow the admin to revert the upgrade of existing plugins,
      such when the dependency chain leads to a dead-end. Additionally, we
      archive (as a last-chance copy) the to-be-installed plugins when
      cancelling their installation. This is mainly for developers who could
      otherwise loose their code. For the same reason, plugins are being
      archived upon uninstallation, too.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Make plugin manager able to install from local zips too · 2d00be61
      David Mudrák authored
      The plugin manager's method install_remote_plugins() has been changed to
      install_plugins() and it is now able to install plugins from the
      provided list of locally available ZIP files, too. This is used by the
      Install plugins admin tool.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Call opcache_reset() after installing new plugin code · da54cf11
      David Mudrák authored
      During the testing, I was experiencing weird behaviour - after a single
      plugin updated was installed, I ended up on admin/index.php?cache=1. I
      believe it was caused by the missing opcache_reset().
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Add plugin manager method for installing remote packs · c948b813
      David Mudrák authored
      The new method core_plugin_manager::install_remote_plugins() will serve
      as a backend for all the ways of installing ZIP packages from the moodle
      plugins directory, such as installing new plugins (by clicking the
      Install button in the plugins directory), installing available updates
      (single and bulk mode) and installing missing dependencies (single and
      bulk mode).
      The method should be used both for validation pre-check screen and,
      after the confirmation, for actual installation. Note that we
      intentionally repeat the whole procedure after confirmation. Unzipping
      plugins is cheap and fast and the ZIPs themselves are already available
      in the \core\update\code_manager's cache.
      We will need to add support for archiving existing code to prevent
      accidental data-loss.
      This basically provides what mdeploy.php was doing, but better. We now
      have consistent way of installing all remote ZIP packages, always
      validate them and we can perform bulk operations, too.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Improve the plugin package validator · 8acee4b5
      David Mudrák authored
      Previously, the validator was used for installation of the new plugins
      only. We now validate every incoming plugin package. As a result, we
      must no longer insists on the target location is empty. Instead, warning
      is raised.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Introduce new \core\update\remote_info class · 4f18a4e6
      David Mudrák authored
      This is just a thin wrapper for normal objects, allowing us to have
      explicit type hinting / declarations in method signatures.