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    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-29509 move timezoneimport to admin tools · 9597e00b
      Petr Skoda authored
       MOV [configintrotimezones,core_admin],[configintrotimezones,tool_timezoneimport]
       MOV [importtimezones,core_admin],[importtimezones,tool_timezoneimport]
       MOV [importtimezonescount,core_admin],[importtimezonescount,tool_timezoneimport]
       MOV [importtimezonesfailed,core_admin],[importtimezonesfailed,tool_timezoneimport]
       MOV [updatetimezones,core_admin],[updatetimezones,tool_timezoneimport]
      AMOS END
    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-29509 move spamcleaner to admin tools · 17a14fbd
      Petr Skoda authored
      Why? Because this tool does not support contexts, allows data modifications and is intended only for admins. It is still linked from admin reports for now, we will move it elsewhere once we know where to add general new reports.
       MOV [pluginname,report_spamcleaner],[pluginname,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamauto,report_spamcleaner],[spamauto,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamcannotdelete,report_spamcleaner],[spamcannotdelete,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamcannotfinduser,report_spamcleaner],[spamcannotfinduser,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamcleanerintro,report_spamcleaner],[spamcleanerintro,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamdeleteall,report_spamcleaner],[spamdeleteall,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamdeleteallconfirm,report_spamcleaner],[spamdeleteallconfirm,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamdeleteconfirm,report_spamcleaner],[spamdeleteconfirm,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamdesc,report_spamcleaner],[spamdesc,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spameg,report_spamcleaner],[spameg,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamfromblog,report_spamcleaner],[spamfromblog,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spaminvalidresult,report_spamcleaner],[spaminvalidresult,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamoperation,report_spamcleaner],[spamoperation,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamresult,report_spamcleaner],[spamresult,tool_spamcleaner]
       MOV [spamsearch,report_spamcleaner],[spamsearch,tool_spamcleaner]
      AMOS END
    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-29509 move qeupgradehelper to admin tools · cff8fc8d
      Petr Skoda authored
       MOV [action,local_qeupgradehelper],[action,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [alreadydone,local_qeupgradehelper],[alreadydone,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [areyousure,local_qeupgradehelper],[areyousure,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [areyousuremessage,local_qeupgradehelper],[areyousuremessage,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [areyousureresetmessage,local_qeupgradehelper],[areyousureresetmessage,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [attemptstoconvert,local_qeupgradehelper],[attemptstoconvert,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [backtoindex,local_qeupgradehelper],[backtoindex,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [conversioncomplete,local_qeupgradehelper],[conversioncomplete,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [convertattempts,local_qeupgradehelper],[convertattempts,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [convertquiz,local_qeupgradehelper],[convertquiz,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [convertedattempts,local_qeupgradehelper],[convertedattempts,tool_qeupgradehelper]
       MOV [cronenabled,local_qeupgradehelper],[cronenabled,tool_...
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    • Penny Leach's avatar
      mnet MDL-21261 large overhaul. This commit changes: · de260e0f
      Penny Leach authored
      - The way that mnet rpc functions are registered.  Plugins must now
        create db/mnet.php which is an array, similar to services.php.  This
        *replaces* the old mnet_publishes() functions.  version.php must be
        bumped to trigger this.
      - More information about each rpc-available function is stored in the
        database, including the class it belongs to, the file it is found in,
        and whether or not it is static.  Methods that are not static must be
        in a class with a constructor that takes no arguments (this can easily
        be achieved with a small wrapper if necessary)
      - The xmlrpc dispatcher has been rewritten to remove all the
        dependencies on hardcoded information about auth,mnet,portfolio and
        repository, and just use the information in the database.
      - The old hardcoded hidden mnet/testclient.php has been moved to the
        Admin menu under "Development" and rewritten.
      - The xmlrpc introspection method profiling is now using php and zend
        reflection - which is a lot nicer than the old way, which was using a
        php-based php parser.  This fixes some inconsistent handling of
        methods without arguments that were advertising their return value as
        the only method parameter.  While this is a *fix*, it breaks BC
        slightly - the old 1.9 broken mnet/testclient.php will now not work
        properly with 2.0
      - Dangerous mode is still supported, but old mod/*/rpclib.php is
        now unsupported, due to the fact that any plugin can export mnet
        functions with db/mnet.php.  This is a slight BC break.
      Still TODO:
      - Document the two small BC breaks in release notes
      - Document the contract for db/mnet.php
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