1. 25 Mar, 2013 3 commits
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      MDL-38147 Improvements to caching of course categories, coursecat::get_children() improvements · eabbfa82
      Marina Glancy authored
      - Course categories caches are purged by event now
      - session cache has additional 10 minutes ttl to clear itself and accomodate for permission changes that do not trigger event purging
      - additional request-level cache for coursecat::get()
      - We store only children of one category in one cache key
      - Function coursecat::get_children() can return results sorted and/or paginated. Added tests
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      MDL-38147 Performance improvements to coursecat class: · 15d50fff
      Marina Glancy authored
      - Retrieve and cache only often-used fields of course category
      - Removed function coursecat::get_all_visible() as potentially causing performance issues
      - removed function coursecat::get_all_parents() as ineffective and unnecessary, replaced with get_parents()
      - retrieve all fields from course_categories when unretrieved field is accessed
      Also some code improvements:
      - rename functions starting with _ , rename arguments, etc.
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      MDL-38147 Added coursecatlib_test.php, changed other tests to use... · b28bb7e8
      Marina Glancy authored
      MDL-38147 Added coursecatlib_test.php, changed other tests to use coursecat::create() for creating category