1. 06 Apr, 2015 1 commit
    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-49684 timezones: rewrite timezone support · d6e7a63d
      Petr Skoda authored
      This patch replaces all homegrown timezone
      stuff with standard PHP date/time code.
      The main change is the introduction of core_date
      class that returns normalised user and server
      timezones. From now on nobody should be using
      $CFG->timezone or $user->timezone directly!
      Other new features and fixes:
      * admins are prompted for timezone during install
      * editing of other users is finally fixed
      * timezones are displayed in user profile
      * new $this->setTimezone() in phpunit
      * time locale is now automatically reset in phpunit
      * timezone is now automatically reset in phpunit
      * phpunit has Australia/Perth as default timezone
  2. 08 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      MDL-44070 Conditional availability enhancements (3): conditions · e01efa2c
      sam marshall authored
      Includes all the conditions that were in previous Moodle versions:
      * Date
      * Grade
      * Completion (of another activity)
      * User profile field
      Also includes conditions that are used to reimplement
      * Grouping
      * Group
      For each condition, the component plus unit tests are included.
      PLEASE NOTE: The code to actually check each condition is reused
      from previous Moodle versions and has not been modified except to
      pass codechecker. This is intentional, to reduce the risk of the
      change and maximise the chance that behaviour is preserved. Some
      of this code might not be very good and might need updating but
      that can happen separately.
       CPY [contains,core_condition],[op_contains,availability_profile]
       CPY [doesnotcontain,core_condition],[op_doesnotcontain,availability_profile]
       CPY [endswith,core_condition],[op_endswith,availability_profile]
       CPY [isempty,core_condition],[op_isempty,availability_profile]
       CPY [isequalto,core_condition],[op_isequalto,availability_profile]
       CPY [isnotempty,core_condition],[op_isnotempty,availability_profile]
       CPY [startswith,core_condition],[op_startswith,availability_profile]
       CPY [completion_fail,core_condition],[option_fail,availability_completion]
       CPY [completion_pass,core_condition],[option_pass,availability_completion]
       CPY [completion_complete,core_condition],[option_complete,availability_completion]
       CPY [completion_incomplete,core_condition],[option_incomplete,availability_completion]
      AMOS END