1. 20 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      MDL-48969 Block: Implement a high scores block · d6383f6a
      Stephen Bourget authored
      CPY [bestgrade,block_quiz_results],[bestgrade,block_activity_results]
      CPY [bestgrades,block_quiz_results],[bestgrades,block_activity_results]
      CPY [worstgrade,block_quiz_results],[worstgrade,block_activity_results]
      AMOS END
  2. 23 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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  4. 16 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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      MDL-45843 mod_lti: introduced support to LTI 2.0 · e3f69b58
      spvickers authored
      This commit introduces support to the LTI module for LTI 2.0.
      As well as the initial commit the following changes were made
      and then squashed into the single commit for integration:
      * Fixed bug in services
        Fixed bug which limited characters allowed in values of template
        variables (e.g. vendor ID) in service endpoints.
        Changed language file to refer to tool registrations rather than
        tool proxies.
      * Refactored service classes
        Moved classes relating to services into areas where Moodle will
        autoload them
      * Ran code through code checker
        Removed all errors reported by the Code checker module
        excluding third-party OAuth.php file.
      * UI improvements
        Mainly when adding an external tool to a course - fields which
        should not be changed for a selected tool are either hidden or
        disabled. Admin settings page now shows the Tool Registration
        name against a tool rather than the launch URL, and the
        registration URL replaces the GUID on the tool registrations
      * Updated tool proxy registration
        Added check of tool proxy to ensure only offered capabilities
        and services are included.  Also check tool proxy when processing
        a service request.
      * Code review changes
        Some fixes based on code review by Mark Nielsen and addition of
        some PHPDocs comments.
      * Updates from code/PHPdocs checks
        Removed use of eval and corrected invalid PHPdocs for new
      * Corrected namespace error and incorrect string terminator
      * Updates based on forum feedback
        Added dependencies and backup, restore and uninstall methods for
        ltiservice subplugins.
        Changed most uses of is_null to empty
      * Updated custom parameters test
        Updated test_split_custom_parameters to include new function
        Corrected PHPdoc entry for lti_split_custom_parameters
        Fixed incorrect line separators in ltiservice.php
      * Added require_capability to registrationreturn.php
      * SQL and EOL updates
        Moved PHP variable in SQL into a named parameter
        Improved checks for end-of-line characters to include CR and LF
        on their own or together
      * Check for semicolon separators
        Semicolon separators in custom parameters are changed to EOL
        characters when upgrading to the 2014100100 version.
      * Remove unused file
        basiclti.js file not being used so removed.
      * Adjust line lengths
        Split long lines in upgrade.php
      * Added savepoint to upgrade.php
        savepoint omitted from earlier update to upgrade.php
      * Updated namespaces and upgrade
        Service and resource classes moved into .../local/...
        Upgrade SQL moved into a function and unit test created
      * Updated lti_tool_proxies table
        Added indices and foreign keys to lti_tool_proxies table
      * Fixed formatting and documentation issues
      * ltiservice class moved into local
      * Replaced lti_scale_used comments
        Put back commented out code for lti_scale_used
      * Removed redundant sesskey code
      * Fixed namespace and path check
        Updated ltiservice namespace for move into local
        Added check for existence of $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']
      * Updated upgrade code
        Added indices and keys to lti_tool_settings table when upgrading
        Fixed errors in upgradelib_test.php (thanks to jleyva)
        Update SQL to use Moodle functions
      * Use of empty with class method
        PHP 5.4 does not like the use of empty with a class method so saved the
        value to a variable first.  PHP 5.5 seems to accept the use of a method
        with empty.
      * Removed redundant indices
        Removed creation of indices for foreign keys on lti_tool_settings table
        from install.xml and upgrade.php
      * Fixes based on feedback
        Minor changes and corrections based on review in JIRA
      * Fixed bug in toolproxy service
        Corrected bug which failed to respond properly to an invalid request
        Also updated upgrade.txt file
      * Improved admin navigation
        Added the manage tool registrations page as a separate entry on the
        admin menu (within a folder named LTI).  Made this entry the current
        position for the related pages.
      * Updated PHPdocs with class names
        Added class names with namespaces to PHPdocs to replace generic
        references to "object"
      * Changed object to iframe
        Use of object tag in register.php changed to use an iframe tag in line
        with the similar update made to view.php.
      * Improved registration process
        A message is now displayed if the registration page has not been loaded
        in the iframe within 20 seconds.  If a user is returned to Moodle
        without a tool proxy being sent, the registration is moved back from
        pending to configured.
      * Fixes for integration
        Removed comment - the template is the default path unless overridden, so
        get_path and get_template should both be defined.
        Added comment and intval to fix the issue with obtaining an error
  5. 15 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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  9. 03 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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      MDL-47476 qformat_learnwise: rest in peace. · a75fa4c0
      Tim Hunt authored
      Learnwise was an old LMS that no longer exists. (Last reference found on
      Google from 2009.) So we are removing the ability to import questions in
      that format.
  10. 26 Sep, 2014 1 commit
  11. 25 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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  14. 08 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      MDL-44070 Conditional availability enhancements (2): subsystem, API · d3db4b03
      sam marshall authored
      This commit defines the new /availability root folder, with
      /availability/classes, /availability/tests, and
      /availability/condition where the condition plugins will live.
      Condition plugin prefix is availability_, e.g. availability_date.
      Rationale for this organisation:
      1. I was originally going to put this in /lib/availability but
         it has been pointed out that putting even more junk in lib
         is probably bad.
      2. 'availability' and 'condition' are the two names used in code
         to refer to this system ($CFG->enableavailability).
      3. The prefix has to be short enough to allow database tables
         (although in practice I assume that condition plugins will not
         normally contain database tables).
      The new API includes a Boolean tree structure that controls the
      availability of an item.
       CPY [availabilityconditions,core_condition],[restrictaccess,core_availability]
       CPY [enableavailability,core_condition],[enableavailability,core_availability]
       CPY [configenableavailability,core_condition],[enableavailability_desc,core_availability]
      AMOS END
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  19. 26 Mar, 2014 2 commits
  20. 24 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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      MDL-44357 theme_more: New customizable theme · 833511a0
      Frederic Massart authored
       CPY [choosereadme,theme_clean],[choosereadme,theme_more]
       CPY [configtitle,theme_clean],[configtitle,theme_more]
       CPY [customcss,theme_clean],[customcss,theme_more]
       CPY [customcssdesc,theme_clean],[customcssdesc,theme_more]
       CPY [footnote,theme_clean],[footnote,theme_more]
       CPY [footnotedesc,theme_clean],[footnotedesc,theme_more]
       CPY [invert,theme_clean],[invert,theme_more]
       CPY [invertdesc,theme_clean],[invertdesc,theme_more]
       CPY [logo,theme_clean],[logo,theme_more]
       CPY [logodesc,theme_clean],[logodesc,theme_more]
       CPY [pluginname,theme_clean],[pluginname,theme_more]
       CPY [region-side-post,theme_clean],[region-side-post,theme_more]
       CPY [region-side-pre,theme_clean],[region-side-pre,theme_more]
      AMOS END
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  23. 26 Feb, 2014 1 commit
    • Damyon Wiese's avatar
      MDL-25499: Centralise management of all types of cron tasks · 309ae892
      Damyon Wiese authored
      Centralise management of all types of cron tasks with registration, scheduling,
      parallel task conflicts(blocking) and running once off tasks, all using an
      administration screen.
      This is a combination of several issues:
      MDL-25502: Added "black magic" task allocator for cron
      MDL-25503: Add step to cron to run all scheduled tasks
      MDL-25504 cron: Refactor to use scheduler
      MDL-25505: Add an admin interface to schedule tasks via cron.
      MDL-25507: Add support for adhoc tasks.
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  30. 07 Oct, 2013 1 commit
    • Petr Škoda's avatar
      MDL-42078 multiple uninstall improvements and cleanup · e87214bd
      Petr Škoda authored
      * update checker refactored to \core\update\ namespace
      * plugininfo classes refactored to \core\plugininfo\ namespace
      * plugin_manager renamed to core_plugin_manager
      * redirect back to original page after plugin uninstall
      * fixed assign subplugin uninstall
      * move assign subplugins under the assignment in admin tree
      * fixed plugininfo for all question related plugin types
      * auth uninstall support
      * added missing block dependencies
      * added theme uninstall
      * subplugin types are following the plugin on plugin overview page
      * several performance improvements in plugin manager
      * new warnigns when plugininfo are outdated or missing
      * multiple fixes and other improvements