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      MDL-71135 course: add legacy_format_renderer support · f7b0960d
      Sara Arjona authored
      Until Moodle 4.0, renderer.php file was optional (although highly recommended)
      for course formats. From Moodle 4.0 onwards, renderer is required to support
      the new course editor implementation.
      The legacy_format_renderer class has been created for backward compatibility,
      to avoid some errors with course formats (such as social) without the renderer
      file. Apart from that, course_format->get_renderer() method has been reviewed
      to use this legacy_format_renderer when no renderer.php file is found.
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      MDL-70821 course: Render activity information only when necessary · f5d9ac96
      jun authored
      Render the activity information output component in the course homepage
      only if either completion details or activity dates are to be displayed.
      This can help reduce the number of files being included when loading the
      course homepage (e.g. the activity information template for each
      activity in the course homepage).
  17. 12 Apr, 2021 6 commits
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      MDL-70821 course: Activity information fixes · a5e6df51
      jun authored
      * Make sure the activity is visible to the user (cm_info::uservisible)
      before showing the activity completion information.
      * Add to-do status for overridden automatic completion
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      MDL-70821 course: activity_information template changes · 147a3a36
      jun authored
      * Add activity name for completion conditions labels. This would give
        better information to screen reader users the activity that the list
        of automatic completion conditions belong to. This would be useful
        especially when the completion conditions are displayed on the course
      * Add data-region attributes to activity dates and completion
        information divs.
      * Reorganise activity dates and completion information divs so they
        are only rendered when they have data to show.
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      MDL-70821 course: Cover availability conditions for manual completion · 13f88df3
      jun authored
      When an activity has manual completion tracking, pressing the manual
      completion checkbox reloads the page after toggling the completion
      state when the activity is linked to availability conditions.
      The "Mark as done" button needs to mimic this behaviour as well.
      The approach being taken here is to add a core_course/view JS module
      for the course homepage which listens for the manualCompletionToggled
      event and reloads the page when the activity module has availability
      conditions tied to it.
      Perhaps for future development, instead of reloading the page, the
      container of the restricted course sections/activities can reloaded via
      AJAX as well.
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      MDL-70821 course: Remove unused completion info from cm_format · 7d8cc2c6
      jun authored
      With the activity information output component dealing with the
      completion information of the activity, there's no need to pass
      completion info to the cm_format renderable.
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      MDL-70821 course: Render activity information output component in course · abc5d761
      jun authored
      Use the activity information output component to render activity
      completion details and activity dates for activities on the course
      Includes fixup from Shamim Rezaie <shamim@moodle.com>
  18. 02 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      MDL-70817 core_course: Create an activity information output component · dd32d65f
      jun authored
      The activity information output component displays information about
      an activity module that can contain:
      1. Activity dates
      2. Completion information
         a. A manual completion button; or
         b. A list of automatic completion conditions and their statuses.
      This patch also includes a new JS module called
      core_course/manual_completion_toggle for toggling the
      completion state of activities that support manual completion.
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      MDL-45242 Lib: Replace calls to deprecated functions · 558cc1b8
      sam marshall authored
      In all cases changes have been kept to a minimum while not making
      the code completely horrible. For example, there are many instances
      where it would probably be better to rewrite a query entirely, but
      I have not done that (in order to reduce the risk of changes).
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