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      MDL-57379 Files: Improved file argument evaluation. · cdf8238b
      Matteo Scaramuccia authored
      get_file_argument() is responsible to extract the relative path
      of the file to be served by a specific Moodle component
      like a theme or a module.
      Some modules like scorm and imscp require slasharguments support
      and they force it when creating the URLs to serve their files.
      It should honor the slasharguments setting but this could break
      those instances where existing hard-coded links still make usage of
      the "old" format, the one when slasharguments is set to No i.e. '?file='.
      Its logic has been improved by looking at when the URL is related to
      serving a plug-in file in a "forced" slasharguments way of serving it
      i.e. using '/pluginfile.php/' and not '/pluginfile.php?'.
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