1. 15 Dec, 2020 1 commit
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  4. 22 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-69099 tasks: Do not mark the non-enabled plugin's task as disabled · cdcb53a1
      David Mudrák authored
      The `core\plugininfo\base::is_enabled()` uses three-state logic for its
      return value. It can return null as a valid value as per its
      documentation. We need to test for the explicit false value in this
      To make the attached Behat test able to identify the table, the caption
      is added. It seems to be helpful for all users so I leave it displayed
      without using the accesshide mechanism.
  5. 11 May, 2020 1 commit
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  7. 28 Mar, 2020 2 commits
    • Tim Hunt's avatar
      MDL-67895 task admin: show defaults when editing a task · 9bf4d199
      Tim Hunt authored
      Also show the task classname, and the component info above the form.
      With some refactoring to eliminate duplicated logic.
    • Tim Hunt's avatar
      MDL-68256 task admin: usability improvements · 6fdc0f87
      Tim Hunt authored
      In the table that lists the scheduled tasks:
      1. There are badges to show which components are disabled.
      2. The plugin name (e.g. auth_ldap) is shown as well as the
         human-readable name (e.g. LDAP server).
      3. Where a time column has a non-default value, it is highlighted
         and the default is shown.
      4. If the fail-delay is non-zero, the cell is highlighted.
      4. If you just interacted with a task (looked at or edited the settings,
         did Run now, or cleared the fail delay) that row is highlighted,
         and scrolled into view when the page loads.
      To support this, some of the methods for loading the default tasks
      have been extended with an optional argument to leave 'R' as 'R'
      rather than replacing with a random number.
      Also, mixed into this commit are a bunch of coding style improvements.
      Sorry I did not separate them out, but ultimately this makes the
      Moodle code better.
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    • Andrew Nicols's avatar
      MDL-45329 admin_task: Allow scheduled task change prevention · f12f3416
      Andrew Nicols authored
      Some hosting providers have a requirement to prevent users making
      modifications to the configuration of scheduled tasks as doing so may have
      a negative impact not only on their own site, but also on the performance
      of other sites (depending on host configuration). For example, if the
      statistics or automated backup tasks were run every minute, this could have
      a negative impact for other users).
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    • Damyon Wiese's avatar
      MDL-25499: Centralise management of all types of cron tasks · 309ae892
      Damyon Wiese authored
      Centralise management of all types of cron tasks with registration, scheduling,
      parallel task conflicts(blocking) and running once off tasks, all using an
      administration screen.
      This is a combination of several issues:
      MDL-25502: Added "black magic" task allocator for cron
      MDL-25503: Add step to cron to run all scheduled tasks
      MDL-25504 cron: Refactor to use scheduler
      MDL-25505: Add an admin interface to schedule tasks via cron.
      MDL-25507: Add support for adhoc tasks.