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    • David Monllaó's avatar
      MDL-43738 behat: Refactoring the field type guesser · 8aff0eec
      David Monllaó authored
      The previous behaviour delegates the responsability
      of overwriting the 3 public methods to the child
      classes, now the field type or moodleform field is
      guessed earlier in the execution flow.
      Other changes introduced here:
      - Fix wrong moodleform detection when there is a form
        in the page but the field we are dealing with is
        not inside it.
      - Updating the last week feature files to these new
        step definitions.
      - Some coding style changes.
    • David Monllaó's avatar
      MDL-43738 behat: Normalization and major refactoring of getters and setters · c3f1e953
      David Monllaó authored
      Every single step that sets or gets a value from a field
      has been updated to follow the same behaviour both when
      using it through a single step or through generic steps
      like "I fill the moodle form with:", to resume all the
      - Created a behat_form_group to re-guess the field type
        and act appropriately setting and getting it's value
      - Normalize all getters and setters to use behat_form_field
      - Complete behat_form_checkbox to trigger the appropiate JS
        event needed to perform some JS scripts that are listening
      - Refactor MDL-43713 multi-select changes and remove
        the two new steps introduced there as that behaviour can
        be managed from the generic getter
      - Added a new step definition to check a capability permission
        as we changed the way radio buttons gets it's value
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      MDL-42625 behat: Step definitions + related changes in features · d1e55a47
      David Monllaó authored
      In general aiming for compatibility with multiple browsers,
      firefox, chrome and phantomjs to be more specific.
      * Removing hardcoded waits
      * Adding @_alert, @_switch_window and @_switch_frame tags,
        to label actions that different drivers have problems with.
      * Adding missing @_files_upload and @_only_local tags to features that
        uploads files.
      * Fixing a few wait for page ready what specified miliseconds.
      * New methods to ensure elements (usual selectors), sections and editors
        are ready to interact with
      * Changing the select an option implementation to deal with the different
        drivers implementations when listening to JS events.
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      MDL-38823 behat: New behat_form_radio · 060bafef
      David Monllaó authored
      To deal with radio inputs after allowing
      behat_form_field to delegate in specific
      fields managers. It also fixes a BIG issue
      when calling a no required class.
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