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      MDL-63959 mod_feedback: Fixed nested dependency handling · 5b8d5330
      Zoltán Szarvas authored
      For example the dependecy chain is the following: A->B->C. When a
      question (A) depends on another dependent item (B) and B hasn't
      displayed (because of C's response), the $value for the B's response
      will be null. In this case the can_see_item() method returned
      null. Because the can_see_item() returned null (not false), the
      get_pages() method displayed the question A, because it checks for
      explicit false: $this->can_see_item($item) !== false.
      Now, false is also returned, if the dependent question is not visible.
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      MDL-58772 mod_feedback: Dont overwrite anonymous entries · 0fb13359
      Adam Olley authored
      The feedback module lets you alternate between responses being anonymised and
      not anonymised. When the module is in anonymous mode, its possible for a single
      user to make multiple responses.
      However when the activity is switched to non-anon mode, if a user leaves a
      follow up feedback, one of their previously anonymous responses is used, so
      their new response stays anonymous and their old anon response is lost.
      This change lets them leave a new non-anonymised feedback entry and retains all
      previous anonymous responses instead of incorrectly reusing one of their anon
      ones at random.
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