1. 17 Aug, 2020 2 commits
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      MDL-69475 versions: bump all versions and requires in master · 45ce46f2
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      version = 2021052500 release version
      requires= 2021052500 same than version
      Why 20210525? (25th May 2021) ?
      Because master is going to be Moodle 4.0, to be released
      on November 2021. And, until then, we are going to have
      a couple of "intermediate" releases:
      - Moodle 3.10 to be released 9th November 2020. (2020110900)
        This version will be using versions from today to 2020110900
        (once it's released the YYYYMMDD part stops advancing).
      - Moodle 3.11 to be released 10th May 2021. (2021051000)
        This version will be using versions from 3.10 release to 2021051000
        (once it's released the YYYYMMDD part stops advancing).
      That means that all versions from today to 2021051000 are going
      to be used by those 2 "intermediate" releases (3.10 and 3.11).
      And we cannot use them in mater, because it's forbidden to have
      any overlapping of versions between branches (or different upgrade
      paths will fail).
      So, get that 2021051000, let's add it a couple of weeks to cover
      the on-sync period (or a 2 weeks delay max!) and, the first version
      that master can "own" in exclusive (without any overlap) is, exactly,
      25th May 2021, hence our 20210525.
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      MDL-69475 install: Version, env. and minimal changes before branching · 35c36d3f
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      Note this doesn't aim to be a complete change-set, but just the
      minimum to switch to 3-digit $branches and keep installation, checks
      and tests running and passing.
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