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      MDL-65641 forum: Make forum post form to honor existing MOODLE_FORMAT · b6c3b130
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      Since the night of the times (MDL-16698) we have been performing
      that simple empty($post->messageformat) check to decide if the
      preferred editor format should be used, instead of any existing format.
      Problem is that FORMAT_MOODLE == 0, so the condition evaluates
      to to true and then the preferred editor takes the baton when it should
      not. Exiting format must win always!
      So this just makes the condition a little better, checking if the
      attribute is set and that it's numerical (accepting both n and 'n').
      That covers the FORMAT_MOODLE case and any other valid format. Only if the
      conditions aren't met the preferred editor format takes the baton. Only
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      Automatically generated installer lang files · fa53cd8b
      AMOS Bot authored
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