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      MDL-61460 tool_componentlibrary: Documentation for Moodle UI components · 3de68ad4
      bas authored
      - This tool is only available for admins
      - Before using this tool the hosting admin will need to have NPM installed and be able to run grunt
      - To create the docs pages for the library run "grunt componentlibrary"
      - After the pages are created the Library is available in Site adminstration > Development > UI Component Library
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      MDL-61460 Grunt: Add Component Library tasks · fa073102
      Andrew Nicols authored
      This new task handles building of component library documentation,
      including the markdown to HTML, an index of the generated content used
      for searching, and the CSS for the component library.
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      MDL-61460 core: Create a copy to clipboard JS module · 341578bf
      jun authored
      This works by adding event listeners for elements that contain
      the 'copytoclipboard' "data-action" attribute through event delegation.
      These trigger elements must also define a "data-clipboard-target"
      attribute which contains the query selector for the target element
      where text will be copied.
      On success, a toast message is shown to the user that the text has
      been copied to the clipboard. This success message can be customised
      by passing a message string to the "data-clipboard-success-message"
      attribute in the trigger element.
      When the element's value or innerText cannot be found, a toast message
      indicating that the text cannot be copied to the clipboard is shown.
      The copy to clipboard functionality is primarily using the Clipboard API
      but in the event that this is not available, e.g. the site is not
      running on HTTPS, this falls back to the document.execCommand('copy')
      approach of copying the text in the target container.
      Special thanks to Andrew for improving this module with the event
      delegation approach and improved fallback handling.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarAndrew Lyons <andrew@nicols.co.uk>
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