1. 09 Oct, 2015 7 commits
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Introduce new \core\update\core_manager tool · 0e442ee7
      David Mudrák authored
      The plan is to have a single tool looking after all operations with
      plugin ZIP packages (downloading, unzipping, moving to the dirroot and
      back). For legacy reasons, we have that logic currently duplicated in
      mdeploy and tool_installaddon. I would like to unify and simplify the
      whole machinery to use the same code for available updates, manual
      installation and plugin dependencies.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Display missing dependencies on plugins check screen · 5a92cd0b
      David Mudrák authored
      The patch improves the dependencies resolution in the plugin manager so
      that the information about availability of the missing dependency is
      included and can be displayed at the Plugins check screen during the
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Move requirements resolving to the plugin manager · 7eb87eff
      David Mudrák authored
      The patch moves the resolving logic from the renderer (where it should
      not really be) to the plugin manager (controller). This is needed
      because we will need the very same logic to be used at other places.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Improve loading of available updates info · c44bbe35
      David Mudrák authored
      The actual loading of available updates info objects is moved back to
      the plugin manager class. As we can now mockup the manager in unit
      tests, this allows us to bypass the real \core\update\checker and have
      unit tests for \core\plugininfo\base::available_updates().
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Keep reference to plugin manager in plugininfo objects · 2d488c8f
      David Mudrák authored
      Plugin info objects are owned by the plugin manager (composition
      pattern). Even if the plugin manager is a singleton, we need to keep
      explicit reference to the plugin manager that owns the plugin info so
      that we can mock up things in unit tests.
      Therefore this patch introduces a new property of plugin info objects
      that holds the reference to the instance of the plugin manager that made
      (and hence owns) the given info instance.
      The only trouble here is with static methods of plugin info classes such
      as \core\plugininfo\base::get_enabled_plugins(). In these cases, the
      code keeps using the core_plugin_manager singleton. The solution would
      be to pass the plugin manager instance as a parameter but that is not
      worth of change for now, IMHO.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Make core_plugin_manager better suited for unit testing · 361feecd
      David Mudrák authored
      We can now override the plugin manager's methods in the testable
      subclass while still keeping the singleton behaviour of it. The change
      makes use of late static binding.
    • David Mudrák's avatar
      MDL-49329 admin: Do not always load info about available updates · 30d8bc5f
      David Mudrák authored
      Before this patch, whenever core_plugin_manager::get_plugins() was
      called, it always attached info about available updates. But this is
      needed only in quite rare cases, such as when the admin is looking at
      the Plugins overview and Plugins check screens. There is no need to load
      this on other places and for non-admin users.
      The patch removes the loading from the method
      core_plugin_manager::get_plugins_of_type() and implements lazy loading
      directly in the plugininfo classes so that it is loaded only when
      \core\plugininfo\base::available_updates() is actually called.
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  7. 06 Apr, 2015 1 commit
    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-49684 timezones: rewrite timezone support · d6e7a63d
      Petr Skoda authored
      This patch replaces all homegrown timezone
      stuff with standard PHP date/time code.
      The main change is the introduction of core_date
      class that returns normalised user and server
      timezones. From now on nobody should be using
      $CFG->timezone or $user->timezone directly!
      Other new features and fixes:
      * admins are prompted for timezone during install
      * editing of other users is finally fixed
      * timezones are displayed in user profile
      * new $this->setTimezone() in phpunit
      * time locale is now automatically reset in phpunit
      * timezone is now automatically reset in phpunit
      * phpunit has Australia/Perth as default timezone
  8. 30 Mar, 2015 1 commit
  9. 20 Mar, 2015 1 commit
    • Stephen Bourget's avatar
      MDL-48969 Block: Implement a high scores block · d6383f6a
      Stephen Bourget authored
      CPY [bestgrade,block_quiz_results],[bestgrade,block_activity_results]
      CPY [bestgrades,block_quiz_results],[bestgrades,block_activity_results]
      CPY [worstgrade,block_quiz_results],[worstgrade,block_activity_results]
      AMOS END
  10. 23 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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  12. 16 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • spvickers's avatar
      MDL-45843 mod_lti: introduced support to LTI 2.0 · e3f69b58
      spvickers authored
      This commit introduces support to the LTI module for LTI 2.0.
      As well as the initial commit the following changes were made
      and then squashed into the single commit for integration:
      * Fixed bug in services
        Fixed bug which limited characters allowed in values of template
        variables (e.g. vendor ID) in service endpoints.
        Changed language file to refer to tool registrations rather than
        tool proxies.
      * Refactored service classes
        Moved classes relating to services into areas where Moodle will
        autoload them
      * Ran code through code checker
        Removed all errors reported by the Code checker module
        excluding third-party OAuth.php file.
      * UI improvements
        Mainly when adding an external tool to a course - fields which
        should not be changed for a selected tool are either hidden or
        disabled. Admin settings page now shows the Tool Registration
        name against a tool rather than the launch URL, and the
        registration URL replaces the GUID on the tool r...
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  17. 03 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • Tim Hunt's avatar
      MDL-47476 qformat_learnwise: rest in peace. · a75fa4c0
      Tim Hunt authored
      Learnwise was an old LMS that no longer exists. (Last reference found on
      Google from 2009.) So we are removing the ability to import questions in
      that format.
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  22. 08 Apr, 2014 1 commit
    • sam marshall's avatar
      MDL-44070 Conditional availability enhancements (2): subsystem, API · d3db4b03
      sam marshall authored
      This commit defines the new /availability root folder, with
      /availability/classes, /availability/tests, and
      /availability/condition where the condition plugins will live.
      Condition plugin prefix is availability_, e.g. availability_date.
      Rationale for this organisation:
      1. I was originally going to put this in /lib/availability but
         it has been pointed out that putting even more junk in lib
         is probably bad.
      2. 'availability' and 'condition' are the two names used in code
         to refer to this system ($CFG->enableavailability).
      3. The prefix has to be short enough to allow database tables
         (although in practice I assume that condition plugins will not
         normally contain database tables).
      The new API includes a Boolean tree structure that controls the
      availability of an item.
       CPY [availabilityconditions,core_condition],[restrictaccess,core_availability]
       CPY [enableavailability,core_condition],[enableavailability,core_availability]
       CPY [configenableavailability,core_condition],[enableavailability_desc,core_availability]
      AMOS END
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  28. 24 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Frederic Massart's avatar
      MDL-44357 theme_more: New customizable theme · 833511a0
      Frederic Massart authored
       CPY [choosereadme,theme_clean],[choosereadme,theme_more]
       CPY [configtitle,theme_clean],[configtitle,theme_more]
       CPY [customcss,theme_clean],[customcss,theme_more]
       CPY [customcssdesc,theme_clean],[customcssdesc,theme_more]
       CPY [footnote,theme_clean],[footnote,theme_more]
       CPY [footnotedesc,theme_clean],[footnotedesc,theme_more]
       CPY [invert,theme_clean],[invert,theme_more]
       CPY [invertdesc,theme_clean],[invertdesc,theme_more]
       CPY [logo,theme_clean],[logo,theme_more]
       CPY [logodesc,theme_clean],[logodesc,theme_more]
       CPY [pluginname,theme_clean],[pluginname,theme_more]
       CPY [region-side-post,theme_clean],[region-side-post,theme_more]
       CPY [region-side-pre,theme_clean],[region-side-pre,theme_more]
      AMOS END
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  31. 26 Feb, 2014 1 commit
    • Damyon Wiese's avatar
      MDL-25499: Centralise management of all types of cron tasks · 309ae892
      Damyon Wiese authored
      Centralise management of all types of cron tasks with registration, scheduling,
      parallel task conflicts(blocking) and running once off tasks, all using an
      administration screen.
      This is a combination of several issues:
      MDL-25502: Added "black magic" task allocator for cron
      MDL-25503: Add step to cron to run all scheduled tasks
      MDL-25504 cron: Refactor to use scheduler
      MDL-25505: Add an admin interface to schedule tasks via cron.
      MDL-25507: Add support for adhoc tasks.