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      MDL-72767 forum: Stop duplicate digests being created · 653af355
      Neill Magill authored
      This change is to stop there being a possibility of 2 digests tasks
      being created for a user on the day that MDL-72767 is applied.
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      MDL-72767 forum: Ensure digests are sent · 42171eb4
      Neill Magill authored
      Before this change if a new post was made after the digest time but
      before todays daily digest had been sent the run time on the digest
      would be set to the next day resulting in no digest being sent to
      the user.
      By adding the server midnight to the custom data on the task we
      ensure that in this case a new adhoc task is created for the next
      day leaving the current one to get processed.
      Server midnight is used so that if the digest time setting is
      changed we would not get two tasks queued for the same day.
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      MDL-72767 forum: Fix PHPDoc · 7c894204
      Neill Magill authored
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