1. 22 Nov, 2021 1 commit
  2. 04 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Safat Shahin's avatar
      MDL-71679 mod_quiz: Updates for new qbank api · f9fc355e
      Safat Shahin authored
      This implementation will introduct changes to
      the mod_quiz to implement the new qbank api
      for view. Major changes are introduced in
      the custom view and also all the legacy points
      to the old qbank are changed to qbank plugins
      where needed. It also deprecated and deletes
      classes and scripts which were kept not to
      break mod_quiz for the new api implementation.
  3. 03 Sep, 2021 1 commit
    • Guillermo Gomez's avatar
      MDL-71585 qbank_managecategories: Add managecategories to core · fb10b36c
      Guillermo Gomez authored
      This implementation will introduce a qbank plugin "managecategories"
      which will add the question categories feature in the question bank view
      by replacing the core classes. Having this plugin will give users
      the flexibility of enabling or disabling the category tab.
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    • M Kassaei's avatar
      MDL-40988 quiz: ability to break quizzes into sections · 5d949702
      M Kassaei authored
      The sections are created on the edit quiz page, and then appear in the
      navigation panel when the quiz is being attempted to help students find
      their way around.
      The 'Shuffle questions' setting has been moved from being per-quiz
      to being a per-section.
      This commit is actually the joint work of Mahmoud Kassaei and Tim Hunt
      from The Open University. We could only use one persons name for the
      commit and this time Mahmoud gets the credit/blame.
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    • Tim Hunt's avatar
    • Tim Hunt's avatar
      MDL-47132 quiz: move question bank extensions to classes/question/bank · 8aa5e0cf
      Tim Hunt authored
      While doing this code clean-up, I noticed that the question bank pop-up was
      only showing the question name, whereas it should have been showing the
      question name and the start of the question text, so I fixed that.
    • Colin Chambers's avatar
      MDL-43089 quiz: improved interface for building quizzes · e1a2d0d9
      Colin Chambers authored
      This commit is actually the joint work of Mahmoud Kassaei, Colin
      Chambers and Tim Hunt from The Open University. We could only use one
      persons name for the commit, and this time Colin gets the credit/blame.
      The goal of this work was to increase usability, and also clean up
      the page enough that it will be possible to add new features in future.
      Display of mod/quiz/edit.php is now entirely generated by
      mod_quiz\output\edit_renderer. This uses a helper class
      mod_quiz\structure to provide details of the structure of the quiz, and
      mod_quiz\repaginate to alter that structure. (Acutally, there are still
      some modification methods on mod_quiz\structure. Expect that to be
      cleaned up in future.)
      The new code uses much more ajax, and there are new scripts
      mod/quiz/edit_rest.php and mod/quiz/repaginate.php to handle this.
      (Again, don't be surprised if those two scripts get merged in future.)
      Also questionbank.ajax.php (which may, in future, be made more generic,
      and moved into the core question bank code.)
      Most of the new JavaScript code has intentionally copied the way things
      are done when editing activities on the course page.
      As a result of this, mod/quiz/editlib.php is now much shorter than it
      was. (In future, expect the remaining code in here to move into
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    • Tim Hunt's avatar
      MDL-43749 normalise quiz database structure. · ccba5b88
      Tim Hunt authored
      The sequence of questions that made up a quiz used to be stored as a
      comma-separated list in quiz.questions. Now the same information is
      stored in the rows in the quiz_slots table. This is not just 'better' in
      a database design sense, but it allows for the future changes we will
      need as we enhance the quiz in the MDL-40987 epic.
      Having changed the database structure, all the rest of the code needs to
      be changed to account for it, and that is done here.
      Note that there are not many unit tests for the changed bit. That is
      because as part of MDL-40987 we will be changing the code further, and
      we will add unit tests then.
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      MDL-31095 quiz editing: only set quiz->grade to 0 if really necessary. · 18dff757
      Tim Hunt authored
      It is only necessary when there are (non-preview) attempts. However,
      after making this change we have to ensure users cannot start attempts
      when ->grade > 0 and ->sumgrades = 0.
      Display ->grade on the order and paging tab of edit.php, so it is clear
      what is going on when you are using that tab.
      Finally, improve the error message a student gets if they try to start a
      quiz with no questions.
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