1. 22 Nov, 2021 1 commit
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      MDL-69092 mod_lti: Add pagination to toolconfigure.php. · f435f313
      Andrew Madden authored
      * Add local function to access subsets of proxies and types direct from DB.
      * Add local function to access count of proxies and types direct from DB.
      * Add new external function to get both proxies and types with pagination.
      * Add new external function to get count of proxies and types.
      * Implement pagination using page factory in JS.
      * Added unit tests to cover new external functions.
      * Add mod_lti behat generators and tests.
      * Show first and last button in paging bar.
      * Created helper class to assist with new functions.
    • PraiseSatan's avatar
      MDL-69496 quiz: Only validate completion if unlocked · 982d1bb1
      PraiseSatan authored
      Quiz completion settings are only validated if they are unlocked.
      Undefined behaviour in the forms API results in the completion
      settings 'require passing grade' and 'completion attempts exhausted'
      not being sent to the process options function if completion
      settings are locked. This resulted in the completion attempts
      exhausted setting being disabled whenever the quiz was saved
      as it did not detect the require passing grade setting.
      This changes the behaviour so that validation is only performed
      if the completion settings are unlocked.
      A behat test is included to ensure the setting does not change.
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