1. 28 Jan, 2014 2 commits
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      MDL-18375 calendar: huge refactor of the initial patch · 2f00e1b2
      Mark Nelson authored
      1) Moved the calendar types location to a sub-folder in the calendar directory.
      2) Removed/moved language strings.
      3) Removed calendar types that should be downloaded as plugins.
      4) Removed a Non-English language pack for the Gregorian calendar type that
      should be downloaded separately.
      5) Removed custom files responsible for checking for updates and uninstalling
      calendar types, which should be done by core.
      6) Removed JS from the calendar_month block as there is no non-JS alternative
      provided and the JS written does not make use of the YUI library to ensure
      multiple browser support.
      7) Removed code from the base class responsible for creating timestamps that
      are saved in the DB.
      8) Added PHPDocs.
      Note: In the original patch we are editing core functions responsible for saving
      time in the database in the calendar base class. This is very dangerous, we do
      not want to touch these functions as it could cause a complete fubar of the
      database. There are places we are forcing the use of the gregorian calendar as
      we are passing dates generated by the PHP date function, where as sometimes
      we pass dates from usergetdate (which was being overwritten to return the
      date specific to the calendar). We can not expect third party modules to
      change the calendar type depending on the format they pass to these functions.
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      MDL-18375 calendar: added multiple calendar support · 6dd59aab
      Shamim Rezaie authored and Mark Nelson's avatar Mark Nelson committed
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      MDL-21782 reworked enrolment framework, the core infrastructure is in place,... · df997f84
      Petr Skoda authored
      MDL-21782 reworked enrolment framework, the core infrastructure is in place, the basic plugins are all implemented; see the tracker issue for list of unfinished bits, expect more changes and improvements during the next week
          MOV [sendcoursewelcomemessage,core_admin],[sendcoursewelcomemessage,enrol_self]
          MOV [configsendcoursewelcomemessage,core_admin],[sendcoursewelcomemessage_desc,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolstartdate,core],[enrolstartdate,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolenddate,core],[enrolenddate,enrol_self]
          CPY [welcometocourse,core],[welcometocourse,enrol_self]
          CPY [welcometocoursetext,core],[welcometocoursetext,enrol_self]
          MOV [notenrollable,core],[notenrollable,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolenddaterror,core],[enrolenddaterror,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolmentkeyhint,core],[passwordinvalidhint,enrol_self]
          MOV [coursemanager,core_admin],[coursecontact,core_admin]
          MOV [configcoursemanager,core_admin],[coursecontact_desc,core_admin]
          MOV [enrolledincourserole,core],[enrolledincourserole,enrol_manual]
          MOV [enrolme,core],[enrolme,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrol,core],[unenrol,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrolme,core],[unenrolme,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolmentnew,core],[enrolmentnew,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolmentnewuser,core],[enrolmentnewuser,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolments,core],[enrolments,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolperiod,core],[enrolperiod,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrolroleusers,core],[unenrolroleusers,core_enrol]
      AMOS END