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    • Eloy Lafuente's avatar
      MDL-71036 phpunit: Coding style changes, 99% whitespace only · 713722c3
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      I've gone over a few of the mofified files (those
      which were showing warnings and errors to CiBoT. Some of them
      have been fixed completely, while others only have fixed
      for the lines belonging to this issue (lib/tests/moodlelib_test.php)
      for example.
    • Eloy Lafuente's avatar
      MDL-71036 phpunit: assertContains() now performs strict comparison · 8a14a7bd
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      The methods assertContains() and assertNotContains() now perform
      strict (type and value) comparison, pretty much like assertSame()
      A couple of new assertContainsEquals() and assertNotContainsEquals()
      methods have been created to provide old (non-strict) behavior, pretty
      much like assertEquals() do.
      Apart from replacing the calls needing a relaxed comparison to those
      new methods, there are also a couple of alternative, about how to
      fix this, depending of every case:
      - If the test is making any array_values() conversion, then it's better
        to remove that conversion and use assertArrayHasKey(), that is not
      - Sometimes if may be also possible to, simply, cast the expectation
        to the exact type coming in the array. I've not applied this technique
        to any of the cases in core.
      Link: https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpunit/issues/3426
    • Eloy Lafuente's avatar
      MDL-71036 phpunit: Renamed various regexp-related assertions · ba5b6089
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      In PHPUnit 9.1, the following regexp-related assertions
      have been deprecated and there are new alternatives for
      all them:
          - assertRegExp()     -> assertMatchesRegularExpression()
          - assertNotRegExp()  -> assertDoesNotMatchRegularExpression()
      This is about to, simply, move all cases to the new alternatives.
      Source: https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpunit/blob/9.1.0/ChangeLog-9.1.md
      Regexp to find all them:
          ag 'assertRegExp|assertNotRegExp' -li
  4. 10 Mar, 2021 1 commit
    • sam marshall's avatar
      MDL-45242 Lib: Replace calls to deprecated functions · 558cc1b8
      sam marshall authored
      In all cases changes have been kept to a minimum while not making
      the code completely horrible. For example, there are many instances
      where it would probably be better to rewrite a query entirely, but
      I have not done that (in order to reduce the risk of changes).
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    • jun's avatar
      MDL-70288 qtype: Remove unnecessary empty label string · 2961feb7
      jun authored
      * When a label is passed to an (advanced) checkbox and no text
        was provided, the label will be displayed on the right of the the
        checkbox element. So there's no point in passing an empty string for
        the label just to render the text to the right of the checkbox.
  14. 22 Jan, 2021 1 commit
    • Andrew Nicols's avatar
      MDL-66979 question: Improve behat test reliability · cedb58f6
      Andrew Nicols authored
      Expand all fieldsets rather than individual fieldsets.
      This can fail in some situations where the page moves as the first
      fieldset opens and HTML transitions take effect. This causes subsequent
      fieldsets to move after WebDriver has calculated the click target.
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    • Eloy Lafuente's avatar
      MDL-69308 upgrade: remove all the < 3.6.0 upgrade steps · 77342b96
      Eloy Lafuente authored
      This just deletes all the upgrade steps previous to 3.6.0. Some
      small adjustments, like tweaking globals can also be applied
      when needed.
      Also includes an upgrade step to prevent upgrading from any
      version < 2018120300 (v3.6.0) as anti-cheating measure.
      Note that in this case, there wasn't any case of upgradelib
      functions being used, hence we haven't to deprecate/remove
      anything in codebase. When there is such a need, that is done
      in separate commits (one for each function) and documented here.
      See MDL-65809 commits for an example removing/deprecating a
      good number of functions.
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