1. 21 May, 2020 1 commit
  2. 27 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      MDL-67901 type_multichoice: clear my choice accessibility · e06b302e
      bas authored
      Improve the accessibility for the clear my choice option. The
      extra radio input controlling the reset feature was removed and
      resetting the choice is now controlled by JavaScript.
      This fixes the missing label reported in Accessibility audit and W3C
      validation of the reset link
      By this change this issue also fixes MDL-67280
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  7. 17 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      MDL-56826 questions: Add styling for boost theme · 12d6dfc1
      Damyon Wiese authored
      Changes include:
      * question: Add bootstrap classes to buttons and selects so they look consistent.
      * mod_quiz: Add bootstrap styles to report form elements
      * question: Add bootstrap classes to question form elements
      * And remove the success/fail styles from boost because they conflict badly
      with the quiz plugin styles (making unreadable text).
      * quiz: nav block buttons had black background
      * quiz: Add bootstrap styles to quiz navigation buttons
      * qtype_ddmarker: Remove bullets from list
      Edit form coordinates preview had list bullets for each coordinate.
      * boost: Prevent menu scrolling on quiz edit
      * mod_quiz: Add bootstrap styles to edit quiz fields
      Pagination and max grades forms.
      * quiz: Undo some custom styles on review options
      These checkboxes were laid out in a fake grid with no responsiveness
      that conflicts with the bootstrap form-inline templates. Reset the
      custom style to bootstrap default.
      * quiz: Fix unit tests for boost changes
      * qtype_ddwtos: Accurate positioning of drop targets
      * questions: Make the review page responsive
      * question: bootstrap 4 compatibility
      .alert in bs4 contains no colours by default, you need to mix it with
      one of the context classes to get some change in colours, borders etc.
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      MDL-24594 Fix some issues with the display of HTML choices. · 35c9b652
      Tim Hunt authored
      The most significant issue is that the HTML editor alwasy wraps <p> tags round the input, but that is not appropriate for the choices. It is especially not appropriate because we want to display the choices in a <lable> for accessibility and usability reasons. In valid HTML label can only contain inline elemnts. Therefore, I introduced a make_html_inline method, with a minimal implementation. (It could be improved in future.)
      Long term, I think the best option would be a new form field type, editorinline, or something like that. That would be a smaller version of TinyMCE that only lets you enter inline elements.
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