Commit faa5d173 authored by Shamim Rezaie's avatar Shamim Rezaie
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MDL-58768 mod_assign: Add $user param to assign::can_grade

parent 95ae74a7
......@@ -3316,11 +3316,12 @@ class assign {
* Does this user have grade permission for this assignment?
* @param int|stdClass $user The object or id of the user who will do the editing (default to current user).
* @return bool
public function can_grade() {
public function can_grade($user = null) {
// Permissions check.
if (!has_capability('mod/assign:grade', $this->context)) {
if (!has_capability('mod/assign:grade', $this->context, $user)) {
return false;
......@@ -1720,6 +1720,11 @@ class mod_assign_locallib_testcase extends advanced_testcase {
$this->assertEquals(true, $assign->can_grade());
// Test the viewgrades capability for other users.
// Test the viewgrades capability - without mod/assign:grade.
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ This files describes API changes in the assign code.
* The mod_assign_base_testcase unit test base class has been deprecated.
It encouraged poor unit test design and led to significant performance issues with unit tests. See MDL-55609 for
further information.
* The function can_grade() now has optional $user parameter.
=== 3.5 ===
* Functions assign:get_assign_grading_summary_renderable, assign:can_view_submission, assign:count_submissions_with_status,
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