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MDL-63004 behat: Final removal of i_navigate_to_node_in

parent 49a9e8b0
......@@ -41,59 +41,6 @@ use Behat\Mink\Exception\ElementNotFoundException as ElementNotFoundException,
class behat_deprecated extends behat_base {
* Click link in navigation tree that matches the text in parentnode/s (seperated using greater-than character if more than one)
* @throws ExpectationException
* @param string $nodetext navigation node to click.
* @param string $parentnodes comma seperated list of parent nodes.
* @return void
* @deprecated since Moodle 3.6 MDL-57281 - please do not use this definition step any more.
* @todo MDL-63004 This will be deleted in Moodle 4.0.
public function i_navigate_to_node_in($nodetext, $parentnodes) {
$alternative[] = 'I navigate to "PATH" in current page administration';
$alternative[] = 'I navigate to "PATH" in site administration';
$alternative[] = 'I navigate to "TAB1 > TAB2" in the course gradebook';
$alternative[] = 'I navigate to course participants';
$alternative[] = 'If some items are not available without Navigation block at all, one can use combination of:
I add the "Navigation" block if not present
I click on "LINK" "link" in the "Navigation" "block"';
$parentnodes = array_map('trim', explode('>', $parentnodes));
$nodelist = array_merge($parentnodes, [$nodetext]);
$firstnode = array_shift($nodelist);
if ($firstnode === get_string('administrationsite')) {
$this->execute('behat_theme_boost_behat_navigation::select_on_administration_page', array($nodelist));
if ($firstnode === get_string('sitepages')) {
if ($nodetext === get_string('calendar', 'calendar')) {
} else {
// TODO MDL-57120 other links under "Site pages" are not accessible without navigation block.
array($nodetext, $parentnodes));
if ($firstnode === get_string('courseadministration')) {
// Administration menu is available only on the main course page where settings in Administration
// block (original purpose of the step) are available on every course page.
$this->execute('behat_theme_boost_behat_navigation::go_to_main_course_page', array());
$this->execute('behat_theme_boost_behat_navigation::select_from_administration_menu', array($nodelist));
* Docks a block. Editing mode should be previously enabled.
* @throws ExpectationException
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