Commit ecf8e77f authored by Mihail Geshoski's avatar Mihail Geshoski
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MDL-72093 navigation: Update secondary nav unit tests

parent a360abed
......@@ -134,8 +134,8 @@ class secondary_test extends \advanced_testcase {
public function test_setting_initialise_provider(): array {
return [
'Testing in a course context' => ['course', 'coursehome', 'courseheader', 'Course page'],
'Testing in a module context' => ['module', 'modulepage', 'activityheader', 'Activity'],
'Testing in a course context' => ['course', 'coursehome', 'courseheader', 'Course'],
'Testing in a module context' => ['module', 'modulepage', 'activityheader', 'Assignment'],
'Testing in a site admin' => ['system', 'siteadminnode', 'homeheader', 'Site administration'],
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