Commit dee1a0fd authored by Sam Hemelryk's avatar Sam Hemelryk
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MDL-29224 navigation: Navigation now respects a modules onclick event when...

MDL-29224 navigation: Navigation now respects a modules onclick event when preparing navigation nodes
parent 228d24fd
......@@ -1608,6 +1608,7 @@ class global_navigation extends navigation_node {
$activity->hidden = (!$cm->visible);
$activity->modname = $cm->modname;
$activity->nodetype = navigation_node::NODETYPE_LEAF;
$activity->onclick = $cm->get_on_click();
$url = $cm->get_url();
if (!$url) {
$activity->url = null;
......@@ -1706,6 +1707,8 @@ class global_navigation extends navigation_node {
* @return array Array of activity nodes
protected function load_section_activities(navigation_node $sectionnode, $sectionnumber, $activities) {
// A static counter for JS function naming
static $legacyonclickcounter = 0;
if ($activities instanceof course_modinfo) {
debugging('global_navigation::load_section_activities argument 3 should now recieve an array of activites. See that method for an example.', DEBUG_DEVELOPER);
......@@ -1722,7 +1725,34 @@ class global_navigation extends navigation_node {
} else {
$icon = new pix_icon('icon', get_string('modulename', $activity->modname), $activity->modname);
$activitynode = $sectionnode->add(format_string($activity->name), $activity->url, navigation_node::TYPE_ACTIVITY, null, $activity->id, $icon);
// Prepare the default name and url for the node
$activityname = format_string($activity->name, true, array('context' => get_context_instance(CONTEXT_MODULE, $activity->id)));
$action = new moodle_url($activity->url);
// Check if the onclick property is set (puke!)
if (!empty($activity->onclick)) {
// Increment the counter so that we have a unique number.
// Generate the function name we will use
$functionname = 'legacy_activity_onclick_handler_'.$legacyonclickcounter;
$propogrationhandler = '';
// Check if we need to cancel propogation. Remember inline onclick
// events would return false if they wanted to prevent propogation and the
// default action.
if (strpos($activity->onclick, 'return false')) {
$propogrationhandler = 'e.halt();';
// Decode the onclick - it has already been encoded for display (puke)
$onclick = htmlspecialchars_decode($activity->onclick);
// Build the JS function the click event will call
$jscode = "function {$functionname}(e) { $propogrationhandler $onclick }";
// Override the default url with the new action link
$action = new action_link($action, $activityname, new component_action('click', $functionname));
$activitynode = $sectionnode->add($activityname, $action, navigation_node::TYPE_ACTIVITY, null, $activity->id, $icon);
$activitynode->title(get_string('modulename', $activity->modname));
$activitynode->hidden = $activity->hidden;
$activitynode->display = $activity->display;
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