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MDL-62994 course: Final deprecation of add_modchoosertoggle()

parent 6e8235c7
......@@ -69,62 +69,10 @@ class core_course_renderer extends plugin_renderer_base {
* Adds the item in course settings navigation to toggle modchooser
* Theme can overwrite as an empty function to exclude it (for example if theme does not
* use modchooser at all)
* @deprecated since 3.2
protected function add_modchoosertoggle() {
debugging('core_course_renderer::add_modchoosertoggle() is deprecated.', DEBUG_DEVELOPER);
global $CFG;
// Only needs to be done once per page.
if (!$this->page->requires->should_create_one_time_item_now('core_course_modchoosertoggle')) {
if ($this->page->state > moodle_page::STATE_PRINTING_HEADER ||
$this->page->course->id == SITEID ||
!$this->page->user_is_editing() ||
!($context = context_course::instance($this->page->course->id)) ||
!has_capability('moodle/course:manageactivities', $context) ||
!course_ajax_enabled($this->page->course) ||
!($coursenode = $this->page->settingsnav->find('courseadmin', navigation_node::TYPE_COURSE)) ||
!($turneditingnode = $coursenode->get('turneditingonoff'))) {
// Too late, or we are on site page, or we could not find the
// adjacent nodes in course settings menu, or we are not allowed to edit.
if ($this->page->url->compare(new moodle_url('/course/view.php'), URL_MATCH_BASE)) {
// We are on the course page, retain the current page params e.g. section.
$modchoosertoggleurl = clone($this->page->url);
} else {
// Edit on the main course page.
$modchoosertoggleurl = new moodle_url('/course/view.php', array('id' => $this->page->course->id,
'return' => $this->page->url->out_as_local_url(false)));
$modchoosertoggleurl->param('sesskey', sesskey());
if ($usemodchooser = get_user_preferences('usemodchooser', $CFG->modchooserdefault)) {
$modchoosertogglestring = get_string('modchooserdisable', 'moodle');
$modchoosertoggleurl->param('modchooser', 'off');
} else {
$modchoosertogglestring = get_string('modchooserenable', 'moodle');
$modchoosertoggleurl->param('modchooser', 'on');
$modchoosertoggle = navigation_node::create($modchoosertogglestring, $modchoosertoggleurl, navigation_node::TYPE_SETTING, null, 'modchoosertoggle');
// Insert the modchoosertoggle after the settings node 'turneditingonoff' (navigation_node only has function to insert before, so we insert before and then swap).
$coursenode->add_node($modchoosertoggle, 'turneditingonoff');
$coursenode->add_node($turneditingnode, 'modchoosertoggle');
user_preference_allow_ajax_update('usemodchooser', PARAM_BOOL);
throw new coding_exception('core_course_renderer::add_modchoosertoggle() can not be used anymore.');
......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ information provided here is intended especially for theme designer.
- Microsoft Edge: The body class should change from safari to edge.
- Mobile safari: The class ios should exist, safari class should be removed.
* Remove class .safari styling from activity chooser dialog for theme boost and bootstrapbase.
* The following functions have been finally deprecated and can not be used anymore:
* core_course_renderer::add_modchoosertoggle()
=== 3.4 ===
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