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MDL-30403 add upgrade docs for admin tools

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This files describes API changes in /admin/tool/* - plugins,
information provided here is intended especially for developers.
=== 2.2 ===
API changes:
* new admin tool plugin type introduced
How to migrate existing admin reports:
# move all files to new /admin/tool/yourplugin/ location
# update all links to admin tools /$CFG->admin/report/ to /$CFG->admin/tool/
# add language pack with at least 'pluginname' string
# update all language strings (use 'tool_yourplugin' instead of 'report_yourplugin') - use AMOS hints in commit message
# update all capability names
# create db/install.php migration script - delete old settings and capabilities (see converted plugins for examples)
# grep the plugin codebase and look for any remaining 'coursereport' occurrences
# update CSS selectors
See for more details and explanation.
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