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MDL-55399 theme: Update upgrade.txt to reflect API changes

Part of MDL-55071
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......@@ -14,6 +14,19 @@ Removed themes:
If you wish to keep your theme and its settings, download it from and put it back in
the theme/ directory BEFORE UPGRADING.
* CLI svgtool.php has moved from theme/base/cli to admin/cli and paths should be relative to the new location.
* Bootstrap 4 was added as part of a the new theme 'noname'.
* Themes can now automatically compile SCSS on the fly. This works the same way as it
does compiling LESS on the fly, effecitvely adding $THEME->scssfile to your config.
* Using .dir-rtl for RTL styling is deprecated and should not be used any more. From now
the styles are automatically flipped when the language is right-to-left. However,
as this is not always perfect, you can define exceptions. Please refer to the documentation
of the tool RTLCSS-PHP for more information:
* The class .dir-ltr should not be used any more. To force LTR styles use the directive
to remove the rule when the language is RTL. See RTLCSS-PHP for more information.
* A new callback can be defined to post process the CSS using an object representation
of the CSS tree ($THEME->csstreepostprocess). This gives a lot more flexibility than a
simplel find and replace. Refer to 'noname' for an example, and to PHP-CSS-Parser
( for the API.
=== 3.1 ===
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