Commit d33b19a5 authored by David Mudrak's avatar David Mudrak
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MDL-23245 Added support for new style of auth plugin configuration

This hack allows auth plugins to migrate to the new auth_xxx naming
style (as happened with auth_mnet in my previous commit).
parent 09c1b1a2
......@@ -43,7 +43,9 @@ if ($frm = data_submitted() and confirm_sesskey()) {
} else {
$frm = get_config("auth/$auth");
$frmlegacystyle = get_config('auth/'.$auth);
$frmnewstyle = get_config('auth_'.$auth);
$frm = (object)array_merge((array)$frmlegacystyle, (array)$frmnewstyle);
$user_fields = $authplugin->userfields;
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