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Merge branch 'MDL-49290_master' of git://

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......@@ -2116,24 +2116,9 @@ function enrol_cohort_search_cohorts(course_enrolment_manager $manager, $offset
* $user2 will be null if viewing a user's recent conversations
* @deprecated since Moodle 2.9 MDL-49371 - please do not use this function any more.
* @todo MDL-49290 This will be deleted in Moodle 3.1.
* @param stdClass the first user
* @param stdClass the second user or null
* @return bool True if the current user is one of either $user1 or $user2
function message_current_user_is_involved($user1, $user2) {
global $USER;
debugging('message_current_user_is_involved() is deprecated, please do not use this function.', DEBUG_DEVELOPER);
if (empty($user1->id) || (!empty($user2) && empty($user2->id))) {
throw new coding_exception('Invalid user object detected. Missing id.');
if ($user1->id != $USER->id && (empty($user2) || $user2->id != $USER->id)) {
return false;
return true;
throw new coding_exception('message_current_user_is_involved() can not be used any more.');
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