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MDL-46585 lang: 6 unused strings 'hidden' are deprecated

Strings are not used in the components where they are defined.
If they are used in other components they should be defined in appropriate locations
since the translation may depend on the subject that is being hidden.
parent 482abd0f
......@@ -263,7 +263,6 @@ $string['externalbadges'] = 'My badges from other web sites';
$string['externalbadgesp'] = 'Badges from other web sites:';
$string['externalbadges_help'] = 'This area displays badges from your external backpack.';
$string['fixed'] = 'Fixed date';
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$string['hiddenbadge'] = 'Unfortunately, the badge owner has not made this information available.';
$string['issuedbadge'] = 'Issued badge information';
$string['issuancedetails'] = 'Badge expiry';
......@@ -389,3 +388,7 @@ $string['viewbadge'] = 'View issued badge';
$string['visible'] = 'Visible';
$string['warnexpired'] = ' (This badge has expired!)';
$string['year'] = 'Year(s)';
// Deprecated since Moodle 2.8.
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
......@@ -111,7 +111,6 @@ $string['gotocalendar'] = 'Go to calendar';
$string['group'] = 'Group';
$string['groupevent'] = 'Group event';
$string['groupevents'] = 'Group events';
$string['hidden'] = 'hidden';
$string['hidecourseevents'] = 'Hide course events';
$string['hideglobalevents'] = 'Hide global events';
$string['hidegroupsevents'] = 'Hide group events';
......@@ -217,3 +216,7 @@ $string['weeknext'] = 'Next week';
$string['weekthis'] = 'This week';
$string['yesterday'] = 'Yesterday';
$string['youcandeleteallrepeats'] = 'This event is part of a repeating event series. You can delete this event only, or all {$a} events in the series at once.';
// Deprecated since Moodle 2.8.
$string['hidden'] = 'hidden';
......@@ -83,7 +83,6 @@ $string['format_richhtml'] = 'HTML with attachments';
$string['format_spreadsheet'] = 'Spreadsheet';
$string['format_text'] = 'Plain text';
$string['format_video'] = 'Video';
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$string['highdbsizethreshold'] = 'High transfer dbsize';
$string['highdbsizethresholddesc'] = 'Number of db records over which will be considered to take a high amount of time to transfer';
$string['highfilesizethreshold'] = 'High transfer filesize';
......@@ -181,3 +180,7 @@ $string['unknownplugin'] = 'Unknown (may have since been removed by an administr
$string['wait'] = 'Wait';
$string['wanttowait_high'] = 'It is not recommended that you wait for this transfer to complete, but you can if you\'re sure and know what you\'re doing';
$string['wanttowait_moderate'] = 'Do you want to wait for this transfer? It might take a few minutes';
// Deprecated since Moodle 2.8.
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
......@@ -333,7 +333,6 @@ $string['generalfeedback'] = 'General feedback';
$string['generalfeedback_help'] = 'General feedback is shown to the student after they have completed the question. Unlike specific feedback, which depends on the question type and what response the student gave, the same general feedback text is shown to all students.
You can use the general feedback to give students a fully worked answer and perhaps a link to more information they can use if they did not understand the questions.';
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$string['hintn'] = 'Hint {no}';
$string['hintnoptions'] = 'Hint {no} options';
$string['hinttext'] = 'Hint text';
......@@ -435,3 +434,7 @@ $string['whichtries'] = 'Which tries';
$string['withselected'] = 'With selected';
$string['xoutofmax'] = '{$a->mark} out of {$a->max}';
$string['yougotnright'] = 'You have correctly selected {$a->num}.';
// Deprecated since Moodle 2.8.
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
......@@ -126,7 +126,6 @@ $string['foldernotfound'] = 'Folder not found';
$string['folderrecurse'] = 'Folder can not be moved to it\'s own subfolder';
$string['getfile'] = 'Select this file';
$string['getfiletimeout'] = 'Get file timeout';
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$string['help'] = 'Help';
$string['choosealink'] = 'Choose a link...';
$string['chooselicense'] = 'Choose license';
......@@ -238,3 +237,7 @@ $string['unzipped'] = 'Unzipped successfully';
$string['wrongcontext'] = 'You cannot access to this context';
$string['xhtmlerror'] = 'You are probably using XHTML strict header, some YUI Component doesn\'t work in this mode, please turn it off in moodle';
$string['ziped'] = 'Compress folder successfully';
// Deprecated since Moodle 2.8.
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
......@@ -218,7 +218,6 @@ $string['grade:unlock'] = 'Unlock grades or items';
$string['grade:view'] = 'View own grades';
$string['grade:viewall'] = 'View grades of other users';
$string['grade:viewhidden'] = 'View hidden grades for owner';
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$string['highlightedcellsshowdefault'] = 'The permissions highlighted in the table below are the defaults for the role archetype currently selected above.';
$string['highlightedcellsshowinherit'] = 'The highlighted cells in the table below show the permission (if any) that will be inherited. Apart from the capabilities whose permission you actually want to alter, you should leave everything set to Inherit.';
$string['checkglobalpermissions'] = 'Check system permissions';
......@@ -423,3 +422,7 @@ $string['whydoesuserhavecap'] = 'Why does {$a->fullname} have capability {$a->ca
$string['whydoesusernothavecap'] = 'Why does {$a->fullname} not have capability {$a->capability} in context {$a->context}?';
$string['xroleassignments'] = '{$a}\'s role assignments';
$string['xuserswiththerole'] = 'Users with the role "{$a->role}"';
// Deprecated since Moodle 2.8.
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
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