Commit c744bdd1 authored by Mihail Geshoski's avatar Mihail Geshoski
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MDL-72873 core_grades: Deprecate select_in_gradebook_tabs()

Deprecates the function select_in_gradebook_tabs() in behat_grade.php.
After the tertiary navigation changes in gradebook this function became
obsolete and is now replaced by select_in_gradebook_navigation_selector().
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......@@ -279,9 +279,13 @@ class behat_grade extends behat_base {
* Select the tab in the gradebook. We must be on one of the gradebook pages already.
* @deprecated since 4.0 - use select_in_gradebook_navigation_selector() instead.
* @param string $gradepath examples: "View > User report", "Letters > View", "Scales"
protected function select_in_gradebook_tabs($gradepath) {
debugging('The function select_in_gradebook_tabs() is deprecated, please use ' .
'select_in_gradebook_navigation_selector() instead.', DEBUG_DEVELOPER);
$gradepath = preg_split('/\s*>\s*/', trim($gradepath));
if (count($gradepath) > 2) {
throw new coding_exception('Grade path is too long (must have no more than two items separated with ">")');
......@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ Information provided here is intended especially for developers.
=== 4.0 ===
* The select_in_gradebook_tabs() function in behat_grade.php has been deprecated. Please use the function
select_in_gradebook_navigation_selector() instead.
* The setting $CFG->grade_navmethod setting has been completely removed because it's not required anymore. This setting
was used to set the type of navigation (tabs or dropdown box) used in gradebook which is now replaced with tertiary
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