Commit bf36ee9b authored by David Mudrak's avatar David Mudrak
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NOMDL MNet: Remote application like Mahara does not send user's lang attribute

parent d33b19a5
......@@ -256,7 +256,9 @@ class auth_plugin_mnet extends auth_plugin_base {
// the user may roam from Moodle 1.x where lang has _utf8 suffix
// also, make sure that the lang is actually installed, otherwise set site default
if (isset($remoteuser->lang)) {
$remoteuser->lang = clean_param(str_replace('_utf8', '', $remoteuser->lang), PARAM_LANG);
if (empty($remoteuser->lang)) {
if (!empty($CFG->lang)) {
$remoteuser->lang = $CFG->lang;
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