Commit b1ed7279 authored by Juan Leyva's avatar Juan Leyva
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MDL-60025 mod_book: Return correct values for chapters update time

Instead returning the time when the chapter was created or modified we
were returning the time when the book was created or modified.
parent b3cfb013
......@@ -579,8 +579,8 @@ function book_export_contents($cm, $baseurl) {
$chapterindexfile['filesize'] = 0;
$chapterindexfile['fileurl'] = moodle_url::make_webservice_pluginfile_url(
$context->id, 'mod_book', 'chapter', $chapter->id, '/', 'index.html')->out(false);
$chapterindexfile['timecreated'] = $book->timecreated;
$chapterindexfile['timemodified'] = $book->timemodified;
$chapterindexfile['timecreated'] = $chapter->timecreated;
$chapterindexfile['timemodified'] = $chapter->timemodified;
$chapterindexfile['content'] = format_string($chapter->title, true, array('context' => $context));
$chapterindexfile['sortorder'] = 0;
$chapterindexfile['userid'] = null;
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