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MDL-67748 admin: Do not show missing capabilities for mobile app service

We used to display capabilities like "Manage any calendar entries",
"Delete evidence", "Manage competency frameworks", "View hidden courses"
and others as "Missing capabilities" for the mobile app service tokens.

This gave dangerous impression that the app will not work for students
without these capabilities granted. There are known cases of admins who
started to grant all these caps to the Authenticated user role because
they were afraid the app would not work for them.

The problem here is that the official mobile app service includes some
functions that have these capabilities declared as required. But they
are not really required to use the app. Either the app makes its own
clever checks of capabilities before calling the functions, or sometimes
the capabilities are not even correctly declared.

It is safer for everybody to display this information for custom
services only where the risk of the falsely missing caps is lower and
the information is more accurate.

Also, the help text has been improved so it does not suggest that these
capabilities must be always added. We do not know why the service has
them declared. In some cases, a service has capabilities declared just
because it makes use of them in the if-then fashion.

Additionally, the patch also displays the service short name because it
is actually needed to know.
parent 6ea3588d
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ $string['loginrequired'] = 'Restricted to logged-in users';
$string['manageprotocols'] = 'Manage protocols';
$string['managetokens'] = 'Manage tokens';
$string['missingcaps'] = 'Missing capabilities';
$string['missingcaps_help'] = 'List of required capabilities for the service which the selected user does not have. Missing capabilities must be added to the user\'s role in order to use the service.';
$string['missingcaps_help'] = 'List of capabilities declared by the service which the user does not have. Some service functionality may not be available without these capabilities.';
$string['missingpassword'] = 'Missing password';
$string['missingrequiredcapability'] = 'The capability {$a} is required.';
$string['missingusername'] = 'Missing username';
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ class token_table extends \table_sql {
$headers[] = get_string('user');
$columns[] = 'fullname';
$headers[] = get_string('service', 'webservice');
$columns[] = 'name';
$columns[] = 'servicename';
$headers[] = get_string('iprestriction', 'webservice');
$columns[] = 'iprestriction';
$headers[] = get_string('validuntil', 'webservice');
......@@ -165,7 +165,8 @@ class token_table extends \table_sql {
$webservicemanager = new \webservice();
$usermissingcaps = $webservicemanager->get_missing_capabilities_by_users([['id' => $data->userid]], $data->serviceid);
if (!is_siteadmin($data->userid) && array_key_exists($data->userid, $usermissingcaps)) {
if ($data->serviceshortname <> MOODLE_OFFICIAL_MOBILE_SERVICE && !is_siteadmin($data->userid)
&& array_key_exists($data->userid, $usermissingcaps)) {
$count = \html_writer::span(count($usermissingcaps[$data->userid]), 'badge badge-danger');
$links = array_map(function($capname) {
return get_capability_docs_link((object)['name' => $capname]) . \html_writer::div($capname, 'text-muted');
......@@ -216,6 +217,16 @@ class token_table extends \table_sql {
return \html_writer::link($creatorprofileurl, fullname((object)$user, $this->hasviewfullnames));
* Format the service name column.
* @param \stdClass $data
* @return string
public function col_servicename($data) {
return \html_writer::div(s($data->servicename)) . \html_writer::div(s($data->serviceshortname), 'small text-muted');
* This function is used for the extra user fields.
......@@ -259,7 +270,7 @@ class token_table extends \table_sql {
$selectfields = "SELECT, t.token, t.iprestriction, t.validuntil, t.creatorid, AS userid, $usernamefields, AS serviceid,, AS serviceid, AS servicename, s.shortname AS serviceshortname,
$creatorfields ";
$selectcount = "SELECT COUNT( ";
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